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May 9, 2016 · Bladder cancer in Cancer

To: oldmotion and boomba…I’m facing the bladder,rt.kidney,prostate
removal surgery on the 20th of this month at Mayo/Rochester,MN. I’ve
had a morphine implant in me for 20 yrs.,plus on a palliative morphine
tab. Care for another fifteen. I’ve survived six cancers,then this me
came and it’s not looking good. However,my team at Mayo has given us
more hope for success than what we were being told. We’re confident
they’ll be able to get us thru this! Wishes,and prayers with hugs…

May 9, 2016 · Bladder cancer in Cancer

Colleen…My appmt. Was very surprising. Both my bride of 45+ yrs.,and
our two daughters came with us,both adults on their own. We all were
very impressed with the total degree of uniformity,organization,and
overall patient treatment from one division to the next. As for my own
appmt. It went as best as could be expected. The first thing our team
noticed is that my cancer,bladder cancer,was not only misdiagnosed,but
then pretty much poorly dealt with from one day,one MONTH,to the next.
So,several months have passed and I still have a basically untreated
cancer spreading within me! No surgery,no radiation,no chemo,nothing.
I am now fighting for my life,and thankfully Mayo is trying to come up
to speed as fast as they possibly can. I know this is a bit long but I
need to say things. Since my cancer was finally diagnosed my Dr.s
seemed to talk in terms of my survival,terms of how totally difficult
this surgery is going to be to survive,how serious it all is,even if I
do survive. We are pleased to tell you that we had some questions,and
we called our team,listing them. Within a matter of hours we got a
call back,the Dr. Or Internist that called did an absolutely wonderful
job of explaining things,covering our questions,even telling us while
yes this surgery is tough there’s an excellent chance I will
survive,and that there might,I repeat might even be some alternatives
to the “total surgery” or different treatments available,not all this
death and doom my other dr.s seemed stuck on! Whatever happens,I want
everybody to know for once thru all this mess we’ve been given a sense
of hope! No promises,no guarantees,but a sense of hope! Thank you all
for that! We are to return 5/16/16 for further consult on the
17-18-19th..then if all is well surgery on the 20th of
May,2016…With several days of recovery,then a trip back home. My,our
daughters have purchased a hospital bed and set it up for us in our
living room. Im going to beat this! We are going to beat this even
with all the mistakes that have been made. This all makes no sense
that here we are six months later and I’ve still got this nasty
disease inside me…Hopefully,it’s not to late. Our Mayo team seems to
feel we still have a chance..huuurrayyyy! Hugs…

May 7, 2016 · Bladder cancer in Cancer

Hate to be a jerk,but many here are new to this issue,this bladder
cancer,treatments,etc. so please stop using initials for items.
Exactly what is BCG…Bladder Cancer…G? Help…Hugs…o

Apr 25, 2016 · Bladder cancer in Cancer

Six plus months,and nothing’s been done to date. I am now waiting an appointment on May 2,2016 with Mayo Urology Dept. currently my rt. Kidney has shut down,my left kidney has tubes,and a stent trying to keep it flowing. I was misdiagnosed back in 12/20/2015,as having nothing more than a bruised bladder,then they said no cancer present. Apprx. One month later,after three requests they recheck their diagnosis,and they refusing to,tho I was an prior bladder cancer survivor,they then diagnosed me with highly invasive bladder cancer,with muscles involved,and since I’ve had nothing but one error after another. I’m wondering just how long can the body go without treatment for this. A PET scan recently done,last week,shows the cancer has reached the bone marrow,and still no real plans have been made for treatment. Am I just being left to die? We’re not looking for promises,etc.,just some understanding,some outside thoughts. I’m 65 yrs. old! Otherwise,I was in good health until this. Thank you,Rodger