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Oct 21, 2019 · Alcoholism and Holiday Celebrations in Addiction & Recovery

I got sober in October of 1981 and dreaded the approaching holidays! On Halloween I thought everyone else in the world was drinking, and that drove me to my first AA meeting, when I'd already been dry for a couple weeks.
In my experience, "No, thank you" is usually all I need. People other than myself are just not paying very much attention to who's drinking what. If pressed, "I'm driving" or "I'm on medication" are enough, and if asked about what medication, "I'd rather not discuss it."
Giving beer to parents of trick or treaters sounds just bizarre. "I don't drink around the kids" is true enough, since you don't drink without them either.
Anyone who tries to pressure you after you politely declined alcohol has a problem with etiquette, alcohol, or both. Happy holidays!

Aug 26, 2019 · How long have you been sober or substance-free? in Addiction & Recovery

Sober from alcohol since 10/14/1981. I was about to turn 27 and I went to AA, but no inpatient treatment–I didn't know there was such a thing.

Jul 29, 2019 · High Humidity and Lung Health for all breathing problems in Lung Health

I only have adult onset asthma, not cancer, but I live in MO and we have some dreadful summer days. I find that going in and out of the humidity, like a/c house–outside–a/c car–outside–a/c store, etc., is as bad as staying outside. Does anybody else notice this?
And, if you step out of your car and your sunglasses completely fog up, it is definitely too damn humid.

Aug 29, 2016 · worried heart in Heart & Blood Health

Those blind spells could be a warning sign called a TIA that comes before a major stroke. There’s a test called “carotid ultrasound” which is non-invasive, (meaning it doesn’t hurt, ) that shows if the arteries in your neck, going to your brain, are okay or if they have “plaque” in them. Plaque is the nasty stuff that can plug up blood vessels in either the heart or the brain-same process, same risk factors like high cholesterol.
The eye doctor can order this test. (I should know, I’m married to one.) A pre-stroke TIA is the most dangerous cause of the blind spells, with seizures running a close second. Insist that they keep working with you until both of those are ruled out.

Aug 15, 2016 · Falling for no apparent reason in Just Want to Talk

It sounds to me like you have plenty of reasons to despair-I’ve had a problem with falls gradually worsening from my late 30’s to my 50’s and finally accepted that I’m safer with a cane. Words like “cripple”and images of tottering elders made it even more difficult. I got a diagnosis of “cerebellar ataxia” which seems to mean I fall a lot, the problem’s in my brain, and the MRI’s ruled out anything they can treat. The workup did help me think of it as a valid neurological disorder more than a personal failing.
I also have a mood disorder and fibromyalgia; between them I get enough pills to make me rattle. Cutting back on any meds that are not doing anything reduced the fall risk but apparently there’s something going on over and above the meds.
You may certainly have depression secondary to the balance issue, but the depression still can be treated, husband notwithstanding. You are the one living in your own skin. Take care.

Aug 15, 2016 · SSDI for Fibromyalgia in Just Want to Talk

Fibromyalgia totally sucks; I got it in 2000 after being rear-ended by a guy who just wasn’t watching. From what you’ve told us, chances are SSDI will want to see some sort of medical evaluation since you’re only being followed once a year. I don’t know if it’s to your advantage to set something up with YOUR choice of doctor(s) versus waiting till THEY do. It’s hard to even figure things out when you’re tired and in pain-I think having a lawyer to help is a very good idea!

My only experience with SSDI was for my son (adopted from Russia with fetal alcohol exposure, which isn’t on the list yet) who has multiple potentially qualifying problems. They said that while working might be difficult for him, there were surely some jobs he could do (in so many words.) We would have had to show that it was out of the question for him to show up on time, focus for at least a few hours, etc. He’s now in an audio engineering apprenticeship program-turns out that once he went through rehab and sobered up he could work a lot harder!

My understanding is that they finally decided FM was disabling-duh-but it’s still hard to prove. I haven’t filed because my spouse makes a good enough income to support us both and I don’t think I have recent enough work experience to qualify, not having worked since said kid with FASD arrived. Keep working on this, and remember your value as a person does NOT depend on whatever the government thinks!

Aug 1, 2016 · Virtual Cancer Survivorship Series - Please Share Your Thoughts in Cancer

This looks very good-I’ve just passed the 2-year mark for breast cancer with a clean mammogram. I reallly don’t need to hear about nutrition one more time-it’s all over the Web and it’s the same stuff everywhere. You might want to make that section mainly links to some of the many, many other discussions about a healthy diet. Going through everything yet again looks like padding the site.
Please keep the focus on things cancer survivors want to know and talk about that we can’t get elsewhere.

Jul 18, 2016 · Blood clots in the lungs in Lung Health

If you think you might have a blood clot in your lung, close your computer,
dial 911 and take the ambulance to the hospital!! Pulmonary embolism kills
thousands every year. This is a “true medical emergency”.