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Apr 16, 2016 · One hand on just one side goes numb in Autoimmune Diseases

Thanks for the insight. I have documented every episode and I just got blood work back saying that white blood counts high and liver enzymes high, which I got called back 8 months ago cause they thought the lab had made a mistake!! Liver will fluctuate but this all happened and I have been asked to come back once again and I was hoping she would remember this event had already happened before! Your left hand does not go to sleep and never wake again in the fingertips, looks purple 24/7, I hurt under my arm pit where lymphoid or however you spell it lol, plus have fatigue and very bad mornings each morning, and I have been on same medicine since 2009 and never had any issues but got better until I started dealing with infections, left side where all started in one place and felt like and acted like staff but was not staff, nor could be ID.
They said it would take a while like 3 months to get me in up in Rochester MN so I’m just fighting and not willing to give in, but I am just in a week of the blah’s I guess but I do appreciate your input and sharing! Your right, we do know our bodies and me especially being an ex athlete I am very aware of my body and what broken bones, fractures, torn tendons, ligaments, etc feels like so this is scary especially with every symptom of MS being front and center with ALS right next door!
God Speed

Apr 14, 2016 · Has anyone had one part of their body like a hand that [...] in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Thanks and I have been to several Doctors but the fluids have not been ID that is causing the mysterious swelling in the legs where I just had leg/knee drained but left hand is huge, purple, and no feeling in fingertips along with areas of my face which I had a episode yesterday that was on the web thru that link I ran into about MS where I going to the bathroom getting hit out of the blue and not being able to get there in time, which I didn’t know that was a part of it, also the newest thing that really freaked me out was a electrical shock on the right side of my face that stemmed from my Jaw to neck upward through my eye that actually was hard to tell where the heck it was coming from until after about 10-15 minutes it felt like my face was numb and hanging cause I could not keep my right side of lips closed and I was drooling in a napkin. The video where the Mayo Doctor did his 12 minute video on symptoms hit 100% which I felt like what I have documented and been through over the past two to three years looking back which I didn’t start taking pics of my hands, knee, face, or shoulder and feet/legs until after the drains were removed from my shoulder and had surgery later due to whatever the fluid was that infected my shoulder ate up all my shoulder leaving it noodle like to work with and the only thing to truly fix it and keep shoulder from coming out of place was to drill a screw in the labrum and muscle which with my SED RATE as high as it was he was worried it would get into my bone which I feel like it may have got into my bone since that bone spur was taken off by another Dr a month before!
My blood work came back today with a 130 enzyme count in my Liver and White Blood cells elevated which was like this last year and they thought they had made a mistake because it was so high they made me come back in a few weeks later and it was back down within a tolerable range but now here we are again, they want me to seek Mayo or Emory which I just set myself up with Rochester, Minnesota MAYO since Jacksonville, Fla does not have the MS doctor anymore cause she left last year! SO that sucks since I have family there and could of stayed with them but I can travel up there alone and hopefully find out or get to the bottom of all this if I am still here in 3 months cause they said it would it take that long but I can’t afford to keep traveling back and forth so hopefully these symptoms will settle down in the mean time but the progressiveness of it all has been relentless!
Thanks again for your help!!

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Apr 13, 2016 · One hand on just one side goes numb in Autoimmune Diseases

Has anyone ever had one hand on just one side go numb like when you lay on it wrong and it goes to sleep and it never wakes back up? I hurt under my arm pit, take on infections they can’t ID, loss strength to where I can’t even open up or screw back on a bottle top at times, and morning SUCK! Head to toes swelling but left hand I have bought 3 wedding bands and can’t wear one! hand is purple looking and fingernails feel like they are going to pop off. Now creeping to my right side the same way it started a year ago on my left side?? just drew off 240CC’s of unknown fluid with blood in it off my left knee. 50 sucks worse than I ever imagined and nothing but a high white blood cell count on occasion has come back, have had a lot of surgeries in past and know my body very well and it is like a inner time clock going off inside of me, telling me to get my affairs in order and I use to hide it well but vision sucks in left eye I have had to get new glasses 3 times just in the past 14 months.

Apr 13, 2016 · Has anyone had one part of their body like a hand that [...] in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Has anyone had one part of their body like a hand that stays swollen, lost feeling and strength in left side, like your hand goes to sleep but it never woke up? pain under the arm pit/shoulder, radiates down to your feet and you take on infections like the shoulder or knee, where it is 5 to 6 times the size of the other side? Now it is creeping into my right side and loosing strength to the point I can’t even screw a screw driver a couple of times without cramping, loosing vision but not blind but all on left side so far things have gone down hill??