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Apr 9, 2017 · Adenocarcinoma Non Small Cell stage 2A....anyone?? in Lung Cancer

Thank you and your prayers are all I need.

Apr 8, 2017 · Adenocarcinoma Non Small Cell stage 2A....anyone?? in Lung Cancer

To all with non small adenocarcinoma and esp. burrkay. because inform us of your wife with the Herr2 factor. Monday I am having a tumor excised from my back, left above flank area. Because I gave your info to the Dr. the tumor will be sent again for genomic testing and the HERR2 factor. I mentioned it to the MD because breast disease runs in my family, Aunts, Mother, Sister. All Maternal side of the family. I thought maybe there could be a connection. Who knows, but certainly worth looking into. Thanks again. Will let you know what the results are, good or bad. Bestcare

Mar 10, 2017 · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

Colleen, Just so you know, I immediately went to my lab results and found no mention of HER2.  All the other factors were tested and I am negative.  But I am bringing this information from burrkay with me and plan to inquire about it.  High priority on my Question List.Thank you for your inquiry re: burrkays info.  I appreciate it and am grateful for people like burrkay to read and pass on any info or experience they may have had.  I will gladly let you know the results of the visit and the Drs. response.  Thank you again.bestcare

Mar 7, 2017 · Living with lung cancer - Introduce yourself & come say hi in Lung Cancer

thank you Colleen for prodding me to tune in again. burrkay has hit on something that may be of great importance to me. Ive had a mutation panel for EGFR, KRAS,BRAF, ERBB2. NO mention of HER2. Thing is my Mother died of Breast cancer, double mastectomy and my sister, 10 yrs. younger, had the same Breast Ca. and a double mast. She survived and is doing very well. Her only C/O are the end results of the radiation and chemo. I did not qualify for any trial, because I never had any treatment so far over the 4 or 5 yrs. with this dis. Now there is one trial out there for people like ;me and I’m hoping to get on it, they feel I am a good candidate.
I have one more appt. for another opinion with an Immunologist and hope he will have some suggestion for therapy. Sometimes I’m so depressed, but I believe God has a plan for me and will get me through it if I work at it. Sometimes you just dont’ know what to do next nor feel like doing anything because there is just nothing being done. I’m delighted to bring this information to the Immunologist. Hopefully there will be something to come of it. Thank you so much for your taking the trouble to write all this for your wife. BESTCARE.

Jan 14, 2017 · Two different types of lung cancer in Lung Cancer

Hi Nancy (shortsho(t80) It was great of you to respond. It did my heart good to hear from someone even older than me, say that it means something scary and somethimes sad to say, ” I have Cancer” People think because your older that you shouldn’t feel as bad as someone 50. But in reality, it does mean something to you. We just don’t feel ready to toss it in just yet. But I realize that the Lord has been very good to me and I have no complaints. I don’t think you do either. But older or not, we still feel sad about it.

I am happy for you and grateful you took the time to reply. It helped me. Have a Blessed New Year!! Bestcare

Jan 7, 2017 · Two different types of lung cancer in Lung Cancer

Thank you Colleen. I will go to that wevsite right away. We all could use a bit of wisdom at this point. Bestcare

Jan 6, 2017 · Two different types of lung cancer in Lung Cancer

Your article is very interesting. I read a lot about lung cancer and mine is very different apparently. There is no cure. Recently, though, I just entered a trial for lung cancer and my type was included. Adenocarcinoma of lung. No more surgeries available to me. I hope something will come out of the trial. We are in Gods hands. I try not to be sad but there are times when I just want to cry and scream. On top of that our finances have dwindled and we have to sell our house and rent. Now I’m cleaning the house and trying to pack. I’m reading “Heal thyself when no one else can ” by Amy Scher. It has exercises in it and I’m impressed. I will look google Dr. Amit Sood and look forward to his weekly suggestions. Thank you for the information.

Sep 5, 2016 · Non Small Cell Carcino Adenoma in Lung Cancer

I went for a second opinion and I felt the Dr. hesitated on the decision to wait 3 mos. I was left with that feeling. It leaves doubt in my mind. Just not sure and feel uncomfortable now about the decision. So I’m going to write her and ask if this is the best way. thank you for your reply.