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Thu, Mar 7 1:16pm · Polymyalgia rheumatica in Autoimmune Diseases

Glad to find somebody to compare different problems with Polymialgia.I was diagnosed over four Years ago,it started as an uncomforable pain i tought came for the Fact i was on Vacation.Not my Mattress etc. I started on a high dose of predison and now i am at 2.5 twice a day. My Dr. tells me i will never get of Predison.Intersting reading different Symptoms.My Pain is somewhat under Controll but i have severe pain in my right Arm.This is the same Problem i had in the beginning but my Dr. tells me it is Carpel Tunnel Sindrom,I had a Cortison Shot by a different Dr but the Pain returned.
Also i also have a recuring Bladder Infection that nobody can explaine.I wonder also if anybody has thinning of the Skin,mostly the Arms.The slightes bump gives me a nasty bruise.Going near a Rosebush is out of the Question.As for the Question about Alcohol,i drink very little,seem to have lost my tast.Hope to hear more of your Ideas,always glad for the Information.Judy