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5 minutes ago · Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma- Watch & Wait Approach in Blood Cancers & Disorders

@chuck218 I am now 3 yrs on a watch and wait routine. Through the course of these three years I have had all kinds of feelings and thoughts. And to make it even worse I was also diagnosed at the same time colon cancer. How do you survive double trouble, 2 cancers?

The word cancer itself is frightening.. I have always associated that when you get cancer your done with life. It is very difficult to cure this disease. Most people do not make it. That was what I believed or knew. Especially sitting on the internet reading. The information is outdated and god only knows what truth is. I had to stop reading everything I came across.

The day I was diagnosed with cancer time stopped. I put several things on hold to see how was this all going to pan out. Everyone I knew personally with cancer had passed away. I own my own business. I made a few calls in tears to see what it will take to close my company? I find it difficult to plan too far out. However I try and remind myself I feel fine. So Plan that trip..

I started doing things that I always dreamed of doing. Some crazy things and some not so crazy. I had to pull myself up from that couch and move. Go out and do things. Get off of the internet and only pop on once in while reading about the disease.

I can tell you what I have learned in three years of watch and wait. It means we are not dying anytime too soon. It just like having any other disease You now have to have a team of Dr's who check on you every few months. If we had diabetes we would be on a watch and wait too. Except we would be given insulin pills or shots to manage the disease. I have friends with Diabetes and they seem worse off than I am with my cancers. They have had amputations and now confined to wheelchairs.

Live your life as nothing is wrong, Some people on watch, and wait never have an issue. Maybe you are that one person, who lives a lifetime with this disease, and never needs a treatment.

Dr's are not good at telling us this. They get so wrapped up in the disease they forget they are dealing with people and our emotions. They don't realize to a layman telling us we have cancer is beyond devastating. It really messes with our minds.

Now I did make a few changes No More Smoking on and off. I gave that up completely now, and I don't drink very often. Just once in a blue moon. My acid reflux has cured me of drinking. But I know others who still drink with NHL cancers.

Ok I have to run to a meeting this morning. But I will be back on later …

The last few weeks I been beyond busy. Which I prefer to sitting around. 🙂


Sat, Jan 5 7:07am · Lodging in Jacksonville, FL in Visiting Mayo Clinic

@jacquelynsheely Jacksonville has The Inn at Mayo Clinic. It is connected to main clinic .
I hope your visit works out well for you.

Fri, Jan 4 9:47pm · Eagle's Syndrome in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@bitoberry Welcome to connect.. My son was in his mid 20's when he was diagnosed. He has been complaining for years about it Took a ling time and him actually having to iritate the area in order for him to get a Dr. to order a CT scan. What prompted you to seek help?

Fri, Jan 4 9:36pm · Serrated Polyposis Syndrome (SPS) in Colorectal Cancer

@countrygirlusa I have heard of what you have. My Dr. said I maybe what is called a Polyp farmer. Someone who's body harvests polyps very quickly. I was getting scoped alot now it has settled down and the Doc says every 3 yrs for screenings. I am not sure why this was happening?
Better that they remove them early..
Wish you the best

Fri, Jan 4 9:06pm · Stomach like a beer belly after colon cancer surgery in Colorectal Cancer

@calite Welcome to connect.. I had 2 surgeries 3 yrs apart and i also have a lower belly. I never had. i used to be like a toothpick. I think some of mine now has been over protecting area and not using the muscles like I used too. Plus I gained weight too. I do not do a few hundred sit ups a week like I did prior either. So that has something to do with it too.
Now, Have you asked your Dr about stiff and soft areas? It could be some scar tissue you are feeling too.
I wish you the Best

Fri, Jan 4 8:53pm · Colorectal cancer stage 3c: Need positive feedback in Colorectal Cancer

@dianemarcia I agree it a very scary journey. I remember when I was told I had cecum cancer. I hyperventilated. Then 2 weeks later they told me I Follicular Lymphoma. a second cancer. I lost my breath and hyperventilated again. I never hyperventilated in my life.
I think the scariest part is the Unknown part of the journey.
It's really hard to stay cool calm and collect. It has taken me 3 yrs to get back to normal. And to also realize I am not dying anytime soon. I just need to be watched like a hawk by a team of Doctors.
You need to remain strong. Do not do the Dr Google search looking for answers. It will only make the situation worse. If you need support the best and most positive site I found on the internet is Mayo Connect. The other cancer sites I went too. depressed me beyond human understanding. By the time I got done reading everything on my 2 cancers. I had put the coroner on speed dial. Seriously it makes you nuts reading all of that.
You will be fine.
You may also want to contact the Livestrong organization.


They have many free resources that will help build you up to keep you positive too. I went through their YMCA 12 exercise program it was very good and helped me refocus.
I wish you the best. Let us know how you feeling from time?

Fri, Jan 4 8:31pm · Dealing with LARS (low anterior resection syndrome) in Colorectal Cancer

@shilo Hope your Holidays were wonderful! Just checking in to see how you are doing? Have you heard back from mayo clinic yet?

Fri, Jan 4 8:24pm · Nervous I might have lymphoma in Blood Cancers & Disorders

@mayapapaya Welcome to connect. How are you feeling since you posted a few weeks back? Sorry I been out of town over the holidays. So i missed answering you. You really should check with a Dr. Sounds more like you have an allergy to something. Have you started using new laundry detergent?
Let me know how you are feeling now?