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Nov 12, 2019 · Living with colorectal cancer - Meet others & come say hi in Colorectal Cancer

@shiwlika Welcome to connect. I am colon cancer survivor. It is very scary at first when you are diagnosed. However, we are lucky to be born at a time where they have made tremendous progress with treating colon cancers.
My colon cancer surgery was done at Mayo. They check my CEA levels every six months. I believe they do that for 5 yrs post op.
I had a colonoscopy at 6 months post op. Then at 1 year post op. Now I am on a schedule of every 3 years for a colonoscopy.
Hope that helps? I did not have adjuvant chemotherapy so I cannot help answer that. .
I wish you the best

Oct 7, 2019 · Sudden hearing loss and an echo in Hearing Loss

@joyces @imallears Well here is the latest. Ended up at the ER this morning. Woke up 2 times last night to pee. The second time at 530am My head was spinning so bad I crawled to the bathroom and threw up 3 times. My heart was racing. I could barely breath from the spinning. It was like I was on a whirlwind roller coasters and i couldn't stop. This is horrible I honestly thought I was going down. A voice in my head kept saying stay with us Jackie. Seriously it was that bad.

My husband was in the other part of the house getting ready for work when he finally heard me call him. He helped me to the car and took me to the hospital. They gave me an anti puking medicine and something to stop the spinning. Took a chest ex-ray that was fine. Took a CT scan that was also fine, Took blood work it was negative. I told them I had a 10 pm MRI. at their sister hospital they said to keep that cause they are backed up. Once I was able to start walking on my own they let me go home.

Gave me a prescription for dizziness and vomiting with instructions to take as needed.
I am feverishly working on my clients trips right now so I can get them done. Just in case.
Keep you posted

Oct 6, 2019 · Sudden hearing loss and an echo in Hearing Loss

@joangela @sjd324 @colleenyoung @tonyinmi @nurseheadakes @imallears @judyca7 @lioness @maryjax
Hi everyone just thought I would check in and let you all know how I am feeling.
The hearing seems to be getting better. I hear more sounds. Music and Loud places are bothersome. It still feels like half of my head i working only.
Been getting a headache on and off. Yesterday I was completely exhausted. Good thing I decided not to travel to Chicago. I would not had the energy.
Today I felt better more energy but still tired. I can feel the pounds coming on my body UGH.. I think I already gained 3 pounds on the steroids and it not even been 1 week.
Besides weight gain? Do they also mess with your bladder I have to constant;y run the to bathroom? My Bladder never feels like it is emptying.
Plus I have a headache on and off. Yesterday it was most of the day my head hurt on the same side, I lost my hearing. Weird.. Today it only hurt once. I took 2 Tylenol and the headaches went away. The pain is above my eye, like a sinus headache. What was also weird unless I am loosing my mind it seems what ever is causing this pressure on the ear, moves to the sinus and there I felt pressure. Thinking that is what caused the headache?? With the headache the hearing felt a little better. There is still a seashell sound but not as drastic as it was.
How long the the steroids take to work? I have 14 days of pills, It has been 6 days, after tomorrow I taper off the dosage.
Tomorrow night at 10 pm I am getting the MRI. It was the only time that opened up somewhat close to where I live. I will keep you all posted on the outcome of that.
I had to stop reading every thing on DR Google, Cause it makes you want to put the Coroner on Speed dial..
I am a bit scared of getting the MRI, what if they say I need to be hospitalized? It has to wait, cause I have to give a Travel Talk on Wednesday at a museum and I have about 40 people showing up. This is nerve racking to say the least. So I am trying to talk myself into being well.
I kept busy all day that way I didn't think about the issue..
Good night.. going to try and sleep tonight. The 230 am wake up all week is killing me. LOL..

Oct 4, 2019 · Sudden hearing loss and an echo in Hearing Loss

@imallears Good Morning.. I am up bright and perky after 5 hours of sleep. I noticed another change this morning. I am not dizzy like the last few days. So I think that is another good sign. Let's see how I feel after my luncheon I have to attend today. Loud rooms have been bothersome.
I am not very hungry either. So I am hoping I won't gain weight? We shall see.
They have me on Steroids for 14 days. the first 8 days it is 6 pills a day. 2 pills 3x a day. Then it tapers to 4 pills a day then down to 2 and 1 pill a day.
Ricohet Rabbit is signing off..
It's time to go bounce away …
Fill you all in later..
FL Jackie

Oct 3, 2019 · Sudden hearing loss and an echo in Hearing Loss

@maryjax @lioness @imallears
I am going to cancel the flight.

I am not worried about the cost. I have thrown away many tickets over the years. And thank you all. For your ticket advice.

I just feel really really bad disappointing.my uncle for not being able to attend my little cousins wedding. I have not been back to Illinois in over 5 yrs to see my uncles and their kids. I was really looking forward to seeing them all.

I have another trip I'm taking on 10/20 hopefully by then I have it figured out what is actually wrong and hearing returns.

I will say it appears at times throughout the day today I have some improvement. But that seems to come and go. The large crowd I was around tonight. Over echoed in my ear.

I'm also beyond hyper on these steroids. I feel like ricochet rabbit. I'm am wide awake. I only had 4 hours of sleep last night. And I am still Ready to rock and roll. Lol.. Do These pills always have this effect on people? I dont know if this is a good or bad thing? To be this hyper??? I seriously feel like I'm on a race track.. very strange to add this to the issue.

Oct 3, 2019 · Sudden hearing loss and an echo in Hearing Loss

@imallears ..the morning again is worse. I am dizzy just laying in bed. Really think I will cancel my flight. Especially since I am headed to Chicago. It's not a place to travel too alone, not being 100 percent yourself. I need my tough side being there.. lol.. Not a vulnerable demeanor. And right now I'm feeling a bit vulnerable..

I met 3 people yesterday who knew ears. 2 who had experience with this exactly happening to their loved ones. One her husband never regained his hearing . He gets very depressed. The other her daughter ended up with ear operations that fixed her hearing.
Another woman was a retired audiologist??? I think that is what she said. She felt I would eventually regain the hearing.. since I didn't loose it completely.
Have you heard or read your hearing returns rapidly just like it diminished when this happene?

Oct 3, 2019 · Sudden hearing loss and an echo in Hearing Loss

@colleenyoung he said I could fly. But I am not feeling comfortable doing so. Since I'm traveling alone. I think I should wait till after the MRI. The pressure in the ear is extremely uncomfortable.
It appears to be worse in the morning, the pressure is extreme. My flight in early too. Saturday is way too soon.

Oct 1, 2019 · Sudden hearing loss and an echo in Hearing Loss

@colleenyoung @imallears @sjd324 @mikepa Just got back from the Doctors Office. Deafeningly not wax buildup… I have what is called Sudden Hearing Loss and he gave me Steroids to treat it. He said I want commend you for coming in right away. Most people wait to see a Doctor, and then you cannot regain your hearing. I have a fairly good chance of my hearing returning since I acted so fast.

This can be treated in some with steroids for 14 days. He has also ordered an MRI of the ear. Which I will be getting next week..
I have the pharmacy filling the order and I will pick it up today.

It is just the the oddest feeling to have half of your hearing.. I will let you know what the MRI says after I get it done.