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Mar 31, 2016 · My 24 year old daughter had a lazy eye in Eye Conditions

My 24 year old daughter had a lazy eye when she was in first grade that has been treated. Back in December she had her routine eye exam and after eye dialation her lazy eye (right eye) was blurry. Well, she has been to four opthalmalogists and her primary care physician regarding the eye blurriness and no one can help. Her pediatric opthalmalogist who originally treat her said (like the others) that her eye is fine and there is no indication of anything on his end. All the other docs said the same. Her primary care said right now she seems to have migraines but all docs agree she does not need a ct scan right now. We are not sure what else to do at this stage but she feels her vision is getting worse. Please help since no one else can.