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1 day ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@gingerw Your travel times sound like the times I would have flying from/to Honolulu to Newark. I liked to fly the red eye flights. After boarding the plane dinner would be served right away and then before you know it wake up across the country!

1 day ago · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@contentandwell JK, Your daughter was so thoughtful to give you such a gift! I find it challenging to give gifts to my elderly in-laws who want for nothing.🙄

1 day ago · Sleep without trazadone in Sleep Health

@mommabird74 The worry is even worse than not sleeping in my opinion. When I first had a hysterectomy I was on HRT for less than a year, mostly for hot flashes. What do you think of melatonin? Have you tried that? I know some people swear by it. My iPhone has an app called CALM for meditation,sleep and anxiety. That has been helping me calm my nerves. It plays soothing music. I like the nature sounds the best. Do you think something like this would help you?

3 days ago · CBD oil for pain in Chronic Pain

@wsh66 I'm sorry to hear you are hurting more after being busy planting. When you described every inch of your body was hurting – you said exactly what I've been thinking about the downside of the pump. I have stenosis and DDD of the c spine I also have fibromyalgia. So some days I hurt like the dickens at my neck. Other days, much like today with a change in the weather, fibro kicks in and flares so pain is in every part of me.Stephen, I hope you continue to get the maximum relief you can. How are the apple trees coming along? What type of apple will they bear?

4 days ago · Chronic Pain members - Welcome, please introduce yourself in Chronic Pain

@harleymama I do not have any pain in my tailbone, rather I have pain in my pubic bone.
Pain began after having a hysterectomy. My doctors generally are not concerned with it. I hope you Find something that works

4 days ago · 7 days post op disk replacement and fusion L-4, L-5 in Spine Health

@suerc It sure sounds like you have had a time of it. If I read your post correctly, you do have a prior fusion of your neck is that correct?
I would press the doctor for a MRI. The injections she ordered were just temporary fixes to give you pain relief. Yes, sometimes the ESI reduces the swelling enough to provide long term pain relief. My husband had fusions done on c spine and t spine. If this was happening to him, I'd be taking him to the ER (based on his pain level) get a MRI and see his surgeon right away. It's possible that you may now need a fusion at the next level. Or perhaps you need another round of injections. @suerc Like I tell my husband.."we need to wrap you in bubble wrap to walk around the house!"

4 days ago · Sleep without trazadone in Sleep Health

@mommabird74 Are you worrying you will not be able to sleep without the Trazadone? Or is it not effective at 25 mg? I used to take 125-150 mg per night but then I went into the hospital and it was days before I had it. When it was finally prescribed, I felt over-medicated and reduced the doseage to 50 mg that I was given in the hospital. I slept fine.I am a chronic pain patient and take oxycodone. When I took the pain meds at night, I had nightmares.
Since menopause, I sleep in 2-3 hour cycles, but rarely get in 8 hours a night.
You mentioned that you thought you were losing your memory on higher doseage of Trazadone. How are you feeling taking a lower amount?
Only you can decide what is right for you. I would talk to a psychiatrist for his opinion.
I hope you find a happy medium that leaves you getting a good quality sleep.

Mon, May 6 5:14pm · Gratitude Discussion Group in Just Want to Talk

@parus Thank you for sharing that wonderful photo! I’m so glad your “scamp” was there to see it.