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1 day ago · Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

@parus I'm so glad and feel lucky to have you, @lioness, @grandmar and a few others as friends who understand. I never feel judged by what I say. I'm really happy to hear you had a good day! Sunshine is a wonderful healer!

1 day ago · Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

@gingerw and @parus Its hard to deal with and accept the limitations Fibro puts on us. When I say that I'm not sure what I'll be able to do tomorrow and others doubt me, I am hurt and angry! My in laws came for a visit 6 weeks after my husband's 2nd major surgery (spinal fusion) within 6 months. My MIL said to me that I need to just suck it up and go do it, when she wanted to go to the grocery store. So one day I did just that– and paid the piper the next 2 days. I must plan my outings and recovery time. They were here 10 days. By day 9 she was finally showing some understanding.Yay!
Ginger, I like your statement "learning to take care of yourself sometimes means shutting others out"

2 days ago · What Distracts You From the Pain? in Chronic Pain

@jmjlove As you pointed out, different issues/illnesses often have pain we perceive differently. Just think how a headache vs a migraine hurt! It makes sense that activities to get your mind of the darn pain vary!
If I can toot my own horn, I'm really good at furniture refinishing. I find it rewarding.

jmjlove, I see that you have recently joined us here on Connect. Thank you for becoming an active part of our community. I like that you are willing to share with us and give support to members. When you "tag" or mention someone by name please use the @ before the members complete username– if you look at the beginning of your reply to me you omitted part of my username which is sandytoes14. To make sure your comment is directed to the correct person use @wsh66 for example, instead of his given name "Stephen" with the @ before it. Think of it as the learning process…you are not a knucklehead!

6 days ago · Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

For the past couple of weeks, I have been in a real funk. It's one of those things I can't put my finger on why. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything. Among the meds I take for Fibro, I take meds for depression and anxiety, yet I have had two panic attacks in the past week. I feel really alone although my husband and grown son live with me.
.In the fall when the clocks change I suffer from SAD- seasonal affective disorder. It generally occurs when one is in less sunlight. Do you think this could be part of my issue? Mornings went from sunny at 6:15 AM to dark until 7:15 AM. It is light later in the evening now.

Sun, Mar 10 7:02pm · Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

@jmjlove we will be here to help. I know very soon you will be supporting new members!

Sun, Mar 10 6:57pm · extreme daytime fatique—-is there a cure? in Sleep Health

@gamesjr Hello Gene, I did not know the difference between CPAP and BiPap so I looked it up. My husband uses a CPAP machine, His machine has greatly approved the quality of his sleep. I hope the attached info from Mayo Clinic helps answer your questions.
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Sun, Mar 10 1:21pm · Meet @jenniferhunter: Where Health and Art Meet in About Connect: Who, What & Why

@jenniferhunter I LOVE the beach.I was having a difficult time coming up with a screen name. Believe it or not, Jennifer Ryan is a popular name! My husband spent 31 years in the Navy. The last four years, we lived in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.We had a house on Ford Island! It was the best time of my life.
A couple of years ago I sent Coleen an idea–I wanted to get to know other members aside from the daily issues of life.