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Fri, Mar 20 6:22pm · Lower lymphocytes following chemo--2 years later in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Thanks for your response, Colleen. I appreciate your insight and the reference to the article on newsnetwork.mayoclinic. . . . My diagnosis was diffuse large b cell lymphoma/dlbcl.

Fri, Mar 20 4:18pm · Lower lymphocytes following chemo--2 years later in Blood Cancers & Disorders

Assume 0.73×10(9)/L lymphocyte count would make one somewhat compromised even though it’s two years after chemo and in remission. To what extent would one be compromised? Mayo lab range is .95-3.07×10(9)/L. Is count likely to return to desired range at some time?

Aug 2, 2016 · Wart on finger? in Skin Health

One possibility. I had something resembling a cyst or wart (about the size of a pea) appear on the outside of my right index finger, near the joint below the nail. It did not hurt but was rather unsightly. I saw an orthopedic doctor who removed it . . . and to his great surprise it was caused by a thorn. To my surprise it was not removed in his office but in a surgical room. Perhaps that is common procedure.

May 12, 2016 · Migraines in Chronic Pain

Daughter, mid 40’s, has had chronic headaches since teen years. Pain doctor will no longer prescribe Indocin and Imitrex, which she has taken for years, possibly because she takes too often. Daughter is terrified of having migraines with no pain relief, having to miss work, etc. She took morphine which helped a lot for a short time, botox did not help. Also recently had pain in legs and feet diagnosed as fibromyalgia, takes hydrocodone which helps. She looks to meds to give relief. Any thoughts from others with similar situation or conditions? The fear of pain causes a lot of anxiety for her and thereby for family.