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5 days ago · Nine months after tkr in Joint Replacements

My knees went south playing on hard courts. Hard true came late for me. I played both singles and doubles but near the end of tennis days it was only doubles. Won state of Ohio 13 times as a captain of a team. Played 4.0 but as i aged i was plating 3.5 . I am 78 now but told i look 60. Shot my age in golf the other day. When i had first tkr i noticed i lost a lot of speed. I decided on stem cells as my TKR did not go well. Its been 5 years and still have swelling, pain, etc, I love my biking and i do 20 miles each day. Good luck to you.

Tue, Jul 9 6:51am · Plantar Fasciitis in Bones, Joints & Muscles

what worked best for me was standing on the edge of the step and lowering the heel. I figure you have done that . It took close to a month but i noticed it slowly getting better. I do wear a sock at night and that seems to help.

Sun, Jun 30 7:14am · Severe metal allergy to titanium, nickel need joint replacement in Joint Replacements

i had it done on the back and i am pain free for 4 years

Sun, Jun 30 7:13am · Severe metal allergy to titanium, nickel need joint replacement in Joint Replacements

Their are local companies whose insurance is covering stem cells. PRP was $1000 for me. It takes a week to kick in for me.

Sat, Jun 29 8:07am · Severe metal allergy to titanium, nickel need joint replacement in Joint Replacements

Had my yearly appointment with stem cell Dr. He said if i do yearly PRP i will never have to undergo TKR. I can golf, garden on one knee, bike etc. Not having to suffer through another TKr is great in my mind. Spending out of pocket was a choice that i made and as i look back, was a wise choice. I read every day those who suffer with their TKR. So yes, i did not take government money to do another TKR but i take no pain pills etc. I do have constant pain from my TKR but i try to ignore it, ice and elevate it. Enough said. By the way, the surgeons in my area also say stem cells do not work. I did read that Ohio State hospitals have new procedures for the knee. One is they insert the cartiledge through an incision in the knee, the other is a meniscus replacement . Both without major surgery. Watched their news clip. Might be something to investigate .

Thu, May 30 8:40am · Ascending aorta dialation in Aortic Aneurysms

i was told 4.0 or 4.6 or 4.8. Read by 3 people. Did the scan again and now its 4.6-4.8. Ok, do it agai in another year they say. Ok, lets do that and go about my life. Stress does me no good. Have noticed my BP is lower with that attitude the going bonkers. Your choice.

Thu, May 30 8:37am · New Diagnosis - ascending aorta aneurysm in Aortic Aneurysms

I am at 4.8 and 78 and feel good. I could worry a lot but decided i would rather play golf, bike and garden. Better use of my time. I have no control over the other choice.