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Thu, Mar 19 12:58pm · COVID-19: It’s time to come together — virtually in About Connect: Who, What & Why

I bike even though its only 40 degrees. Plus read the WSJ and tape some programs of interest. To old to reproduce.

Fri, Feb 7 7:41am · Stem cell vs TKR in Joint Replacements

it was prescribed by the Dr and it has hinges on the side and it fits on the calf and goes to the thigh. You can tighten or make it lose to fit you. I like it as it gives you a secure feeling.

Wed, Feb 5 7:28am · Ascending aortic aneurysm – repair/surgery in Aortic Aneurysms

I asked about surgery. All sorts of bad things can happen like a stroke etc, so keep BP down and keep in shape , if possible.

Wed, Feb 5 7:27am · Ascending Aortic Dilation - Ascending Aortic Aneurysm in Aortic Aneurysms

Relax, stress hurts you. Exercise, but no heavy lifting of weights. Keep your bp down. If you stress out, it hurts you. I have asked my Drs a lot of questions. I also went to the Cleveland Clinic. Get on the net. There are great interviews on line with Cleveland Clinc drs and mayo drs. Good luck. BY the way my size is 4.7/

Mon, Feb 3 3:10pm · Stem cell vs TKR in Joint Replacements

i did stem cells years ago. I do have the stem cell brace that really works. I do have pain sometimes but in my right knee i had tkr and it hurts all the time and now it has come lose after 5 years. I have found that PRP tends to make knee feel better. I am 79, feel like 50 and ride my bike a lot in the summer. Do not like to walk. Play golf and garden. I am holding off doing TKR as i had such a poor experience with the first one. No easy answers. I went with regenexx dr.
No question it is expensive. If you have bone on bone do a TKR. Stems will not help you. Your DR should advise you. Maybe someday i will have to do TKR and then how do you garden? Getting on your knees is painful.

Tue, Jan 28 10:04am · Ascending Aortic Dilation - Ascending Aortic Aneurysm in Aortic Aneurysms

quit the stress. only can make it worse. Do work outs, bike, no heavy lifting over 50 pounds, keep BP under control and realize that you know what may give you problems in future. Most people do not. Mine is 4.7, wet to cleveland clinic, dr told me i have 10 more years. What ever. live your life and quit worrying.

Sun, Jan 26 9:42am · Stem cell transplant for knees in Joint Replacements

I have had a lot of experience with stem cells. Reading your message i don't think they will help you. They can clear up your arthritis but being bone on bone i suspect TKR is your best bet. I had one TKR and opted for stem cells on the other, plus plasma. It has helped but down the road i think i will have to do tkr. Hope this helps. Not good news but being honest with you.

Fri, Jan 24 9:10pm · Ascending Aortic Dilation - Ascending Aortic Aneurysm in Aortic Aneurysms

think about it. Being upset does not help the situation. Take walks, ride a bike, laugh etc, relax, do your yearly scans . Or go bonkers and worry yourself to death. Your choice , you decide. All of us who have this know what your going through. I decided to relax and do my yearly screenings and hope it quits raining for a week.