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Apr 22, 2017 · White fog after shutting off light. in Eye Conditions

I know this is a simple answer but I have experienced this when I would go to sleep. But what I realized is the amount of humidity in the room.

I setup a humidifier and I was surprised how much water was in the bucket. And the humidifier continued to collect water for a few hours.

The fog disappeared, so I set the humidifier to collect the water when the humidity built up.

Nov 7, 2016 · Been treated for major depressive disorder for most of my life. in Depression & Anxiety

Hello Rose67

I am Canadian so our procedures may differ.
I have been diagnosed with cronic depression for (20)years now.
Before you decide to take Adderall you should consider going to your GP to get a full checkup.
I have gone into several low depression bouts with excessive sleeping problems.
First of all you could have a hypothyroid problem or lack B12 and other nutrients or even checking your heart health. Blood work should be taken before taking such a dangerous drug. There are many bad side effects when taking Adderall. This way you will be more aware for the side effects that could affect you personally.
It is best to look at other causes that could be affecting your health. There are many other diseases that could be causing your problems.
I am not saying you do not have chronic depression but all basic steps should be taken first.
One thing that I can not understand is why your doctor has a limit for prescribing Adderall?
The drug Adderall stimulates your Central Nervous System which a Nueroligist would also prescribe but you would need a referral from your GP.
You have been very brave to ask for help. I myself have been very reserved with telling people about my depression.
As I do have (4) Auto-Immune diseases due to stress. Another warning I would like to express is the very dangers of STRESS. Try to release your worries or excessive work loads at work and your continuing work loads when you get home with your children and husband. Husbands and wives help each other so your stress levels are lowered. Medically speaking you may not know it at the time but stress follows you and health problems can catch up with you (2-5)years later when you least expect it. Everyone experiences stress but you need to learn how to handle your stress. So your stress does not destroy your health.