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Oct 6, 2016 · Aches from taking statins for my diabetes in Diabetes/Endocrine System

There’s some current disagreement about taking statins in the medical community because of the side effects. One such possible risk is increased chance of developing diabetes esp in women so it seems unlikely to actually improve diabetic conditions (couldn’t access the Diabetes Association reference below that would conflict with this). Unless one’s chance for heart disease is very high, statins may not necessarily be recommended by doctors as much because of these problematic side affects.
Also, more recently there has been evidence showing the traditional cholesterol HDL/LDL tests are not necessarily particularly indicative of heart disease risks. It seems the size and density of the particles distinguish good (large, fluffy) from bad (small and dense that clog vessels) which is another newer test. My GP won’t authorize an advanced lipids test for me but eventually these particle size tests will be more available. If you could try to have this advanced lipids test done that could be the discerning factor on how dangerous your lipid condition is since the cholesterol levels could be quite high but if the particles are large they may be relatively harmless. Good work maintaining lower levels with lifestyle changes, trusting your instincts and consulting with your doctor.

Sep 25, 2016 · Ready to throw in the towel ... never imagined I'd be this sad in Mental Health

As you know moving is extremely traumatic, so first take very good care of
yourself (food, exercise, sleep) before you try to move forward from your
past. It seems you need an internal spark of passion or some inspiration in
your life and you probably need to consciously be more open for discovery
because this is the time you can try out new things to figure out what
moves you. There may be different events or classes you can try (in VA
public college is free for senior residents) or you could try volunteering.
It can be very fulfilling to help others and it helps get you out of your
own head as do hobbies like painting or yoga… when you can concentrate on
something it clears your mind from the unpleasant fretting you seem to be
experiencing and eventually find contentment. If you can take on the
responsibility of owning a pet, adopting an animal (or two) from a
shelter can bring much (unconditional) love into your life which could
satisfy the emptiness you seem to be experiencing. Even people who don’t
particularly care that much about animals can be transformed into doting
obsessive pet lovers when they adopt (or you could try fostering a shelter
pet first ). Hope you adjust to your new life with purposeful openness so
you can search out and develop a social life near you without having to
rely on your children for any emotional support. Best of luck, Pale

Mar 22, 2016 · I was treated for h pylori. Stool test now negative in Digestive Health

Yes, I wasn’t confident that the antibiotics worked but the breath test I took a few months later was negative. The doctor had told me it was more accurate than other tests but maybe that was because of higher likelihood of false positives after treatment. I don’t actually recall why the breath test was considered the best way to follow up but it seemed convincing.

Mar 20, 2016 · I was treated for h pylori. Stool test now negative in Digestive Health

I understood a breath test is more accurate.