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Apr 5, 2016 · Spinal fusion of L1-4 and managing pain. What works for you? in Spine Health

I really can only describe the actual procedure to you. The physician
inserts a needle into your back at the level of the fracture, feeds a small
catheter through it until he can visualize (uses fluoroscopy) the actual
fracture, then injects a small amount of adhesive directly into it.
Afterwards you lay flat for about one hour before going home. I remember
having considerable discomfort on the 1-1/2 hour ride home in the car, but
as soon as I was laying down again it was gone. The next day I was fine.
The fracture has caused me no more pain. However, I do suffer from
spondolethesis which is a narrowing of the foramens where the nerves feed
through, and arthritis in the facet joints. These cause me considerable
pain when I stand or walk for any long period of time. It is not the same
pain that I had from the fracture. It can be relieved by resting and pain
meds. I certainly understand not wanting to give up the grandchildren time.
Mine are about the same ages and the last time I visited them (4 hours
away), it was difficult to pick up and walk with the youngest who weighs
about 22 pounds. He’s quite the wiggle worm and is a challenge for me. Good
luck with whatever you decide.

Mar 29, 2016 · Spinal fusion of L1-4 and managing pain. What works for you? in Spine Health

Hi Martiska,

I can’t even imagine how you’re caring for a 1 and 3 y.o. with that
vertebral fracture. It must be excruciating. I’m glad my response helped
you somewhat. Truthfully, having practiced in this field as a RN, I must
tell you I never saw any of our patients return with a leak or another
fracture. Good luck with whatever you decide.


Mar 28, 2016 · Spinal fusion of L1-4 and managing pain. What works for you? in Spine Health

Yes, I have definitely had this experience. I ruptured a disk at L5-S1 in
2012 as well as a fracture of the L-5 vertebra. I underwent a
vertebraplasty for the fracture and couldn’t be happier. The procedure
takes about 30 minutes performed by an Interventional Radiologist. I was
lucky in that I actually worked as a RN in this area and knew the doctors
well. He did a great job and I have experienced no pain since. I would
highly recommend going ahead with it.

Mar 26, 2016 · Osteoarthritis - what helps? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I listened to the Webinar and it looks like stem cells are definitely the
wave of the future. However, if you have bone on bone, I think a new hip
will help you feel like a new person. I am 66 and have had both hips done
within an 18 month period and it was a piece of cake. The recovery period
is not difficult at all – you are up the same day or early the next. I used
a walker for about a week, a cane for another, and then I was off on my
own. I did the prescribed exercises on my own and have full range of motion
with no discomfort. Knees, on the other hand are another story. I have had
one knee replaced and will definitely seek stem cell treatment for the
other if needed before ever submitting to another knee replacement.