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Mar 11, 2016 · I'm 65 with severe COPD in Lung Health

I was diagnosed today. My understanding is that COPD is 3. COPD-Emphazema-chronic bronchitis. I don’t smoke.I quit 5 years ago. I had 2 stents–right coronary artery. I was not a heavy smoker. I was a careful smoker. No smoking in a cars and homes. I was always aware of non smokers and tried to be considerate. I retired in June of 2015. I owned and operated a beauty salon full time for 35 years. I think that all the fumes I inhaled may also be the cause as well as smoking. It was time to sell our home and move on to a new life to be closer to our children. I miss working. I always had energy and this tiredness I am experiencing has been a shock for me. We have 5 adult children. I have a 10 year old Granddaughter and I have been the only Mother she has known since birth. We help raise her 100% and you know what that means. We love her and we are happy to do this. You lose your freedom, but ,watching this little girl bloom is the most wonderful of all. My son is a single Dad since birth, also. He’s a great Dad And always puts her first. I’m using an inhaler and it helps. When I get really tired I use the rescue inhaler and that also helps. I walk every day and do some yoga. I am very active. It takes me a little longer to do what I used to do.I am looking for suggestions from anyone. I am 70. Thanks for listening. Sincerely,R