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Dec 3, 2016 · The CDC and FDA are trying to cut back opioids by 25% nation wide in Chronic Pain

I would assume it’s the DEA, but I don’t know for sure. In late 2015 I visited a Pain management Dr. who was referred by my UCLA Primary Doc. During the course of my final visit he told me that starting on January 1,2016 there was a telephone # he could call that would provide him with my recent history of filing Schedule 2 Rx’s. I assume it would tell him the date and the doctor who prescribed it . It would tell him if I was visiting different doctors and asking for the same medication.( Dr. Shopping) I assume they could make assumptions based on that data If I was a Drug Addict ….Drug Seller or engaged in some other illegal activities regarding controlled drugs.
If the data was so compelling, I assume they would talk to the Dr’s and finally to me about what I was doing and Why.

Dec 2, 2016 · The CDC and FDA are trying to cut back opioids by 25% nation wide in Chronic Pain

I knew this was coming when every news cast mentioned the oxycontin and vicodin rx’s flooding the midwest. The Governments historical response to drug use/abuse is to punish the users..It’s a crime to Doctor Shop..Going to two or three different Doctors for the same pain medication. the second response for those who need them is to make the prescription pain meds very difficult to obtain for everyone user or abuser. They have created a central database to monitor doctors and how many pain prescriptions they are writing a month and to monitor patients and their prescription drug use. as an example is use the over the counter drug Bronkaid to help with my COPD. It is also a CNS stimulant which has the same effects as amphetamines on a much milder scale. Every time I buy a box of 60 tablets They scan my drivers license into the system. Bronkaid is Ephedrine Sulfate and if you are a drug dealer it is very easy to cook the Ephedrine Sulfate into a very powerful amphetamine (Methedrine I think) and then sell it at a great profit. The Government never thinks about helping people with a drug problem by opening detox centers and rehab clinics.To cut the supply of the drug and criminalize its use has led to a dramatic increase in Heroin addiction.It is cheap to obtain and of a very high quality….The first new cases of HIV are showing up in these mid west communities. Treatment and rehabilitation almost completly unavailable. Arrests and jail time at an all time high…..We deserve the kind of Goverment we voted…. for. Just wait for Trump to really get going….and we voted him in.