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Apr 25, 2016 · What pillow works for you to help reduce pain? in Chronic Pain

And if that does not work try the brand “My Pillow”. I have degenerate disc disease in my neck from 2 whiplash auto accidents and I have spent a lot of money on different pillows. The “My Pillow” works great but the queen size works best. Also I sleep with a body pillow and another one on top or the body pillow to support my arms for my shoulder pain. I wish you luck. Ccorrconr

Apr 19, 2016 · Almost nonfunctional since I lost my beloved husband. Now my son... in Brain & Nervous System

Hello, I was thinking of you. That is odd that your son is getting so many biopsies done. I am sorry it’s so hard on you. Well my younger brother had what they said was a mini stroke. And he hurt his leg a couple months ago and it got infected. Saturday he was taken to the hospital when my nephew found him on the floor disoriented and that’s when he was told it was possibly a mini stroke. The blood work and cat scan came back fine. They told him he could go home. I called him Sunday and he said he wasn’t feeling well and Han numbness on his left side of his body. I told him he should go to another hospital so he said yeah if I still feel like this Monday I will. Well Monday morning he keep falling and dropping things. My nephew said come on we are going to the hospital. He said it took him from 8am till like 2 pm to get him to go. Well today I went up there to see what’s going on. They told me that it was not a mini stroke but a major stroke and he had damage on the right side of his brain. His whole personality changed and he is very agitated. They told me he has diabetes and afib also. All he wanted to do is go home. They had to sedate him and it only lasted 45 minutes. When it was time for me to leave he tried to follow me to the elevator to go with me. The nurses had to come stop him so I could go. I knew Saturday that it was more than the other hospital was saying. Thank God my nephew took him to another hospital. I feel so bad for him because he lost his wife in 2012 to cancer. He just doesn’t care and he is not taking care of himself. I hope they get him straightened out. He is younger than me. Well that’s what is going on here now. But the good news is that my youngest daughter got engaged Sunday and her ring is beautiful. He is a really good guy too. Well I guess my story is long enough for today. Take care and God bless you. Cheryl

Apr 18, 2016 · One hand on just one side goes numb in Autoimmune Diseases

So sorry to hear about your problems. Seems like a circulation problem caused by something causing the blood not to flow properly but I am no Dr. I will pray that they figure things out with you soon. What are your actual diagnosis to what problems they have figured out? There are a lot of mysterious things going on with people’s health these days. A lot of immune systems problems like what’s happening with me. Not to mention all the mental illness and drug problems. And then there is so much cancer. Now the Zyca virus. It could be coming through in our water supply, our food supply, and even in the air we breath. Stress plays a major role in illness I believe. Who knows. All we can do is stress less and pray to God to help us. ccorrconro

Apr 10, 2016 · Almost nonfunctional since I lost my beloved husband. Now my son... in Brain & Nervous System

Thank you for thinking of me and I worry about you. I just pray you can find peace in your life with everything. It’s nice having someone to talk to. I hope I don’t wake as it is 12:15 am but I had the stomach virus that started last night so I have been sleeping all day and now I am starting to feel better and I cannot sleep now. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday. Cheryl

Apr 9, 2016 · Almost nonfunctional since I lost my beloved husband. Now my son... in Brain & Nervous System

Well I am happy you have family living close to you. A walker is a great idea for you. I hope you feel better soon. And Happy Birthday for tomorrow . Bless your heart, you are kind. Cheryl