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Oct 18, 2017 · Is this RLS (restless leg syndrome) in Autoimmune Diseases

I also suffer from RLS. I have found a natural essential oil cream that works great and I also take ropinerole. It is frustrating that it only happens at night.

I am interested to know f anyone has tried the non -THC marijuana that is being sold as a natural non medical product for all of the horrible pain etc that is associated with so many of the autoimmune disorders.

If any of this is not allowed I understand

Apr 19, 2016 · One hand on just one side goes numb in Autoimmune Diseases

I have been trying natural ways of trying to manage day to day. We all have
so many symptoms but no diagnoses and the medicines do so much damage. My
health coach has recommended 3 products that are natural healing and
relief. There are more that we have discussed but for now these 3 are
helping. My blood sugar is regular for the first time without meds in a
longtime. My thyroid levels are better and my anaemia is getting slowly
better, sleeping almost a full nice and can stretch muscles easier.
Mayo has performed studies on these products and confirmed the benefits.
They cost probably 1/3 the cost of per scription or more. Like $30.00 for
30 days. Send me a personal message if you want more info , not sure how
much can be posted on products . I am not trying to sell these but give
some resource
Thank you

Apr 18, 2016 · One hand on just one side goes numb in Autoimmune Diseases

Thank you for responding. Please keep in touch. You have one of those just
don’t know because the medical community can’t take or won’t take the time
to find the needle in the haystack not to mention the insurance. Best of

Apr 15, 2016 · One hand on just one side goes numb in Autoimmune Diseases

First my heart goes out to you. I think this is another very hard to
diagnosis because so many diseases can cause some of the same systems. Last
year I went thru months feeling like both hands were in a pile of fire ants
24 hours a day. Truly the worst pain of my life. I had X-ray and nerve test
but no doctor seem to treat me as it being real. I was told years ago that
I have Raynauld’s and Corporal Tunnel so of course the Dr just said I had
an old fracture on one hand, I said not old I had a bad fall on concrete 6
weeks earlier but they were sure they knew more than me. I decided to try a
natural cream and it gave more relief than anything and I can give you the
info if you would like. I know this is long but I want to let you know you
are not alone. 4 months after all this new hand pain started I convinced my
Dr to biopsy a place on my check that would not heal so after almost a year
he biopsied and it was cancer cells. It was removed in a 6 hr surgery, 2
weeks later my neck lymph nodes were swollen and my thyroid. Blood work
confirmed Hosimoto’s and enlarged thyroid with nodules.
For a long time I felt that the arm and hand pain was being caused from my
neck. With all the swelling and pressure in my neck area it just made sense.
Along with thyroid armour, the natural pain cream and stretches and soft
message has given me relief that I was not sure I would get. There are
nights that it is impossible to lay down, it is called a positioning
I know this does not really answer. I would suggest:
Make a time line.
When did the pain start
What medicines were you on did any change there are some that can cause
similarly feelings.
Did physical lifestyle change like a move or a new infant to care for or
older person
Or a job change.
Please keep in touch you can send me a personal message. I have to say when
I would say the pain feels like fire ants I got looks like you need
counseling! Dr’s need to consider that we know our bodies better than they

Apr 12, 2016 · Side effects of Methotrexate for Autoimmune Diseases. in Autoimmune Diseases

Hi, this is just one experience not a medical suggestion. Because of years
searching for answers for myself and daughter, she has been getting her
degree Intergrated Health Management and Nutrition and Health Coach. (Private message me if you want her email.)
This is her story on Methotrexate . Caused severe
problems for my daughter. She was being treated for chrons. She had an
abscess on her liver that had to be drained , an abscess in her neck lymph
node, at that point they suspected lymphoma and her white blood cell ( I
believe) were severely low so off methotrexate. She has been on prednsone
for quite awhile. It defiantly has some side effects, bone loss seems to be
the worst for her but of everything it seems to have less side effects and
antiviral. For her and me we have battled for so long and I have come to
realize there is no cure. It is about spiritual, mental, physical care.

Apr 6, 2016 · My sister is undiagnosed and I'm scared in Autoimmune Diseases

Thank you. I feel like if I start a reply it turns to a book so if I get of
of line please let me know. So many of us have been dealing with the immune
system just not right and there has been so much in my family on my mom’s
side that like everyone I think, we suffer, we miss out, misunderstand,
often losing our family and finances because even family does not
understand, must less employers and government and I will say gently
medical community. So many medical care can’t fix, knows nothing about
problems that have no proof and can’t be put in a box so insurance will pay.
So sorry here I go. I am so glad that people like you have made the social
media groups, often the best care we get.
Bless you

Apr 5, 2016 · Looking for any food links regarding Vasculitis - Wegeners disease in Autoimmune Diseases

So hard to be the spouse or parent ,brother or sister etc to be the one
that tries to keep living after their death. My husband died in July of
2009 and my 37 year old Son in Nov 2009. Both were unexpected and no
suffering which is good. However I did not get to say I love you and always
will. I had always made sure that was the last words I said so I knew they
knew. My daughter being so sick from the immune systems keeps it on my mind
everyday it could be the last for either and love all that I can.

Apr 5, 2016 · Looking for any food links regarding Vasculitis - Wegeners disease in Autoimmune Diseases

It is a difficult decision to discontinue medications, however I understand. My first autoimmune was Sarcoid in 1977 after giving birth to my son 6 months earlier. At that time steroids were really the only treatmeant for the immune system and then trying to manage the organ problems such as breathing treatments for the lungs.
In 2007 my 20 yr old daughter was diagnosed with Crohns. That was the first time I started to find out information on the biologics and immunology suppressants.
After so many health problems from the medications taking her to death door, we decided the side effects of the medications were worse than the illnesses. She continued predisone slowly reducing from 300 mg to 20 to 30 mg a day. Even tho the prednsone has caused severe bone death in one foot and other bone and teeth problem the other health problems improved. She is up and down but the low blood count, liver function, cancer scares , abscesses and more are not there from the medications.
Again it is not an easy decision and I am not ADVISING anyone stop their medicine!
My daughter started researching alternatives and is now almost has her degree in Integrative and Natural Alternative Medicine and licences Health Coach.
She is involved with several organazitations and groups and if you are anyone is interested in her knowledge and research send me a personal msg and I will forward you the information.
I am not soliciting for business, She is an amazing resource and has learned because she had been living this with my Mom, her Mom and herself. Can it stop before my 3 Granddaughters reach 20????