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Mar 9, 2016 · I'm living with chronic pain. Is it fibromyalgia? in Chronic Pain

Thank you for giving me advice. I live in Bellefontaine Ohio and i am 60
mins from Columbus Ohio. I am trying everything i can. One of the doctors
that were helping me decided that she didn’t want to help me so they
transferred me to a doctor in Dublin and that is 45 mins from me. They said
they wont be able to get my MRI done till June. I need help now with my
pain and with all my mental conditions. I am trying hard to find doctors
that will help but i keep giving me the run around and i dont want to get
labeled for doctor shopping.

Mar 8, 2016 · I'm living with chronic pain. Is it fibromyalgia? in Chronic Pain

I am a patient of Dr Gupta and when i was being examined i tried to explain to her about what was going on in my life and the problems i was having. I use to live in mansfield ohio and i have been through doctor after doctor after doctor. I have been in counseling since i was a kid. I suffer from severe stress , anxiety and depression. I tried to explain to her that i have been tested on so many times. X-ray after X-ray and blood work so many times i cant remember them all. I have done research myself and found out that all the symptoms i am having match about 95% of the worst arthritis that is have read about. In all the things that i have read it all clearly stats that x-rays and blood work are not full proof way of diagnosing those conditions. To its the point that i have a hard time driving anywhere or just doing simple things at home. I tried to tell her all the test that i have done and what all the other doctors were saying that I’ve been a patient of. My pain is terrible. The lower part of my body hurts. My back, neck and shoulders always tingle. I believe that i have fibromyalgia. I have talked to doctors about it and there is no sure way to diagnose this disease except for just listening to the patient. I tried to communicate with her about all my problems and i felt like she was just rushing me so she could move on the next patient. I am not saying she is a bad doctor. I have read many reviews on her and everyone said that she is good doctor. I just felt that she wasn’t listening to me. I suffer from more than just physical problems and i need help. I have done so many test, x-rays, physical therapy, counselling and paperwork. I dont want to come off as just whinging and trying to take the easy road. I need help and after reading this I hope someone will listen. I start a new job here soon and I know that i will not be able to do the duties that will be demanded. I am so frustrated with all the run around. I know what is wrong with i just the right doctor to listen to me. I need help because i can not work and i need to find a way to still help raise my daughter and not lose everything that i have worked hard for. Who ever reads if anyone does at all THANK YOU for just reading and trying to understand all the stress that i am going through.

George Monroe