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4 days ago · Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

I did a search on Vitacost for the Fibro Malic and it did not come up. Can you clarify for me what it is you take or send me a link to it please. Thank you.

Tue, Jan 7 7:51pm · Can Levothyroxine cause Sweating and Hot Flashes? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I started on Levothryroxine around September of last year after testing borderline hypothyroid and complaining of fatigue. After being on 25 mcg except for 3 days a week where I take 50, it got my TSH back to around 2.5 as I recall. I am having the most awful sweating episodes it is as if I am going through menopause all over again. Has anyone had this experience with Levothyroxine? I take some other meds so it is hard to know if this is the culprit but it is the one I began most recently and seems most likely the cause at least to me. I should probably get tested again but is it possible that even if your TSH is where they want it to be (they tested the free T3, T4 and some other things as well) that this particular medication just doesn't agree with me? Has anyone had levothyroxine cause sweating?

Dec 6, 2019 · Potential pregnancy? in Women's Health

I know this is making you worry and fret like crazy but truly you cannot possibly get pregnant in the way you describe. The chance that there was sperm on the toilet seat is very low. The chance that it could survive in that environment for any length of time at all is virtually 0. And beyond that, you washed your hands a bunch of times and then went out into the elements before arriving at home (again another environment that sperm would not survive).

I am glad you let us know a bit more about talking with your mother, doctor, etc. If you do not like this doctor then at some point you should find one you do like. If I have a choice I always choose women doctors. They are just better at explaining things and at communication in general in my experience. Of course there are exceptions but maybe you would feel more comfortable with a woman? You don't need to do that right now but everyone should have a doctor that they like and are comfortable with. Sounds like you don't feel that way about the one you went to although it does seem like what he told you is very good advice. Of course he had no reason to give you a pregnancy test and I don't think you need one but if you feel better getting one, then I would find a free clinic, planned parenthood or someplace where you can get one just to fully put your mind at ease. I think you know deep down that you cannot get pregnant the way you describe because you know that science tells you it isn't possible.

If you think talking to the psychologist that the doctor referred you to would help, then maybe you should make an appointment and go see them. I don't know anyone who hasn't needed that kind of advice at some point in their life so there is certainly no reason not to go and talk with a psychologist at least a couple of times. It sounds like your anxiety is getting the best of you. You said you are a senior in high school and being near the end of high school can be an awfully stressful time because a lot of changes are taking place–both in your body and in your life. So don't be so hard on yourself.

Have you ever done yoga or any type of meditation? I think some of the other mentors suggested doing some exercise or relaxation techniques or just maybe getting lost in an activity you enjoy. But the one thing I would not be worried about given what you have described is being pregnant. It just does not happen that way and there will be a point when you are more relaxed when you will look back at how you are feeling now and realize how stress and anxiety can play tricks on your mind and make you think illogically. We have all had it happen to us which is why I know this is true.

Are you looking forward to graduation? What are your plan? I am much much older than you but I am really envious as that is such a wonderful time in one's life. I know it may not seem like it because it is also a bit of an uncertain time, but you have so much to look forward to. Keep letting us know how you are doing but take some time this weekend to try to let go of some of your stress. Hopefully you will stay in touch with us.

Dec 6, 2019 · Potential pregnancy? in Women's Health

Welcome to MayoConnect. You came to the right place. This is a place where everyone can feel safe and most of us are here because at one time or another we were very worried, stressed or confused about a medical or personal situation. Our goal is to help people find the right resources for their individual concerns. And we are here to comfort you and let you know that it is fine to talk about whatever is troubling you.

First, it is not possible for you to become pregnant in the way that you describe. Unless you have had intercourse in the recent past, I would not be concerned about a pregnancy. That being said, I would definitely go to a gynecologist or family doctor to determine if you have any type of infection or if there is a reason why your periods have changed recently. I had fairly regular periods compared to most people but even I would have changes in my periods when I became stressed or overly worried about something. Cramps and the symptoms you describe can occur due to anxiety, hormonal issues or even bacterial infections. So you need to check out what could be causing your symptoms. But pregnancy in the way you describe should not be of concern.

Please also make sure that you always wear gloves if you are around any bodily fluids or areas that are in need of cleaning. You are to be admired for being a hard worker. Is this job stressful for you? It sounds like you had a change in your routine and environment right before these symptoms began. These changes can certainly cause stress which can in turn cause changes in your period, issues with your stomach including cramping, nausea, and a myriad of other symptoms. I myself have been prone to anxiety and panic attacks and I know how much this affects my stomach.

If you have a family member or a close friend that you can talk with, I would encourage you to allow them to support you until you get this figured out. One thing I don't think has been mentioned is whether or not you have an OB/GYN or primary care doctor that you go to already or if you have the funds or insurance necessary for a doctor's visit. If you do not, in most cities and even small towns, there are women's clinics, free clinics or other types of medical facilities that should be available to you regardless of your ability to pay. So please look into this if you do not have a regular doctor or if you feel that you cannot spare the resources for one.. I mention this because you said you just started a new job and when I started a new job at your age, I did not have any extra money at all for much of anything.

Remember that you did not do anything wrong. And remember too that this group is a place that you can count on to help and support you. Please keep us informed as to how you are doing.

Nov 7, 2019 · Possible uterine polyps in Women's Health

@lioness has some very good advice regarding guarding against anemia. You won't believe this but I drove myself to the ER with a hemoglobin level of 4 when I had my bout of anemia. They made me stay there overnight and gave me transfusions. Never found out what the cause was but I still get checked every once in a while. Dr. said I probably had it come on slowly and learned to tolerate it which is why I did not just keel over. But they were shocked about my hemoglobin level and actually rechecked it because they found it hard to believe. The iron tablets should help a lot. Also you might want to check your ferritin levels. Ferritin is a protein that stores iron in your body and this test will help you to make sure you are storing iron properly if you have been mildly anemic. I think you are asking all the right questions so please take care and keep us posted.

Nov 6, 2019 · Possible uterine polyps in Women's Health

Hi @vogelkm
I am so sorry that you are having this bleeding and also that you have to wait so long to find out the cause. I am quite a bit older than you and am post menopause, but I had a bout with bleeding a couple of years ago brought on by a pessary that was inserted for my prolapsed bladder. If you don't know what that is, no need to know. But briefly, any of the pelvic organs can drop down due to weakening of the ligaments that hold them up. In my case it was the bladder and my doctor had inserted a pessary which is device to lift the bladder back up to it's normal position. It turned out that the pessary was rubbing and causing my bleeding. Since you had the IUD and now it has been removed and the bleeding is tapering off, it sounds as if the IUD may have been causing some irritation and thus bleeding. With the polyps and the IUD, it could be the IUD was causing rubbing or irritation to the already irritated situation of the polyps. In my case, it took quite a while for the bleeding to taper off after the pessary was removed. And I had to be very limited in my physical activity or it would start up again. I ended up having my prolapse repaired because I could no longer use the pessary. And I have had no bleeding for a couple of years now. I draw the parallel here simply to point out that it can take quite a while for bleeding to stop even after the irritant (in your case possibly the IUD) is removed.

Seems as though they are not overly concerned due to the results from your biopsy showing no malignancy. So that hopefully can help you to think positive. I am not a doctor but I think if they thought it was terribly serious you would not be waiting two weeks to get back in there. But still I understand that the bleeding is scary and annoying as well as concerning when you don't know what is causing it. I would not hesitate at all to call back if you begin to feel the slightest bit weak, light-headed or otherwise ill. I had a history of anemia prior to my bleeding and so I had to be very careful and monitor my situation. Once you do figure out what is causing the bleeding and once it is stopped, I would follow up with some blood work just to check and make sure that you are not anemic or having any issues as a result of the bleeding since you said you have had irregular bleeding for a while now.

Please take care of yourself and keep us posted on what you find out. You are doing the right thing to gather as much information as you possibly can from this and other sites.

Oct 22, 2019 · Can someone help me in Women's Health

I am so sorry you are going through this. I have had something like this in the past and I just want you to know that you can get through it. Finding out what is causing such a myriad of symptoms can be difficult and might involve a number of different doctors plus your parents, your friends and even perhaps a professional counselor to help you deal with the symptoms until you get it figured out.

I would tell your parents that you want to go to your primary care doctor and have him/her do a complete blood workup on you. This would include a CBC (complete blood count), a metabolic panel, thyroid tests, and other blood tests to test for autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc. If you can rule some things out then it will be easier to handle your symptoms as you try to continue to get this figured out. Do you have health insurance that can assist in getting some of these tests run ? You may have already done this but if not, this is where I would start. Once you get these results back, you may find out what is going on. Or you may feel some amount of relief that you have ruled out many of the serious causes of your symptoms.

I have to say I am very impressed that someone of your young age would seek out a forum such as this to try to find answers. I do not know too many 12 year olds that would have the presence of mind to reach out as you have. You should know that you have taken a very good first step. If by chance you do not have a primary care doctor that you are comfortable with, I strongly suggest you talk to your friends or family to gain a referral to a good and caring doctor to go to for testing. I have learned that being able to talk openly with your doctor is very important, particularly when trying to diagnose very difficult symptoms.

Please stay in touch with us here at Mayo Clinic Connect. We are not doctors but many of the people here know about a lot of resources that may be helpful to you.

Take care of yourself and have faith that you will figure this out even though it may take some time.

Oct 16, 2019 · late onset of menopause in Women's Health

You sound like me. I have a back issue that keeps me from exercising a lot. I did dance for 25 years so I do have a fair amount of muscle but then there is the tummy and hip area. I just finally got the synthroid (levothyroxine) regulated after finding my thyroid on the high end of normal this past year. My TSH was over 4 and with the medicine it is now a little over 2 so it is helping. I do feel better but wish my back pain did not prohibit my movement on certain days.

I also was reminded that having estrogen for longer also helps bone density so that is another positive for you. The thyroid removal may very well have something to do with your situation. I would bring that up with the doctor if you have not already. And it may be good to see your thyroid doctor to talk about it rather than just primary care.

There is a Diabetes and Endocrine System Group here on Mayo Connect and you might take a look there (if you haven't already) and even post something asking if anyone has had their thyroid removed and knows anything about how this affects onset of menopause. This still does not substitute for talking about this possibility with your doctor but it is another resource and people on here are so good about sharing their own experiences.

I am new to the thyroid issue area since I was just diagnosed this year. But I am finding that it affects so many things and it explains a lot of things I had noticed. Just about the only symptom I did not have is hair loss which is quite a common one I understand. I have lost a couple of pounds since being on the levothyroxine but not as much as I would like. Isn't that always the truth!