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Tue, Mar 17 1:01pm · Age 65 and Good Health: Can I get my own groceries? in COVID-19

I am age 65 and in good health (no heart or lung issues whatsoever). I live by myself and I have no kids. If I need to make a quick run to the grocery store at a non-busy time, is that okay? I don’t really have the money to pay someone to do my shopping. I spend a lot of time at home and don’t feel isolated by this at all because it is really my usual situation. But I just wonder if I should not even do a grocery run. What do people think? How are others in my situation handling this? I am not talking about going out to bars or restaurants, talking about basic once a week market visits. Any thoughts?

Sat, Mar 7 5:44pm · Any experience with rectocele? No one EVER talks about this! in Women's Health

I had surgery for bladder prolapse a couple of years ago. I was also told that I had a bit of a rectocele and it was repaired along with my bladder prolapse. I did not know about the retrocele until I went to the urogynecologist that did my surgery and when he got to deciding on the precise procedure he told me he was going to repair the retrocele as well. During this time I talked to a few female friends and one of my friends told me that she had a rectocele several years prior and that it was repaired. Hers was due to having had 3 rather large babies. She has not had any problems since the repair and I think it has been at least 20 years ago. I found that if you really want to have a conversation with a doctor about any of these issues, seeing a urogynecologist is best. A regular gynecologist just doesn't really know enough about the procedures in order to speak to you in the level of detail that you will want in order for you to get the information that will allow you to make decisions that are best for you.

A couple of things that you might expect is that the surgery that is suggested may be with the DaVinci robot which allows for faster healing and makes the surgery less invasive. I don't know for certain, but it is likely that hysterectomy will be a part of the surgery. Why? Only because of logistical reasons if the uterus is "in the way" of the area where the repair needs to take place. If your doctor wants to use mesh for the repair do not be immediately turned off to it. The mesh they use today is not the same mesh they used that caused all the lawsuits you may have seen on TV, It is a totally different material and is used when your doctor believes that simply repairing the tissue by stitching it up will not hold for the long term. My doctor used the newer mesh and I have not had any problems. I was hesitant at first but once I realized that my tissue was not going to hold without it and that I would likely end up having to go through the surgery again, I decided the mesh was the best procedure for my case.

I also understand from talking with people who have had rectocele repair that sometimes urologists and/or colorectal surgeons may be involved as well as urogynecological specialists. I do recall my surgeon who was a urogynecologist asking me if I had any problems with fecal elimination or any fecal incontinence. I did not have either but really did not know I had a rectocele until I went in to talk about surgery for my bladder prolapse.

Any procedure you will have will be done as an inpatient procedure and you will be in the hospital for at least one night. I live alone and requested to stay an additional night so I was there two nights. My advice is to stay as long as you possibly can because you will probably have a catheter and having your first BM after the surgery may or may not be painful or uncomfortable. But either way it is an important milestone for your recovery and you may want help available until you have it.

I wish you the best of luck. Do not be embarrassed at all. While it is not a conversation that is easy to have, I have found that it is increasingly common and if you get to the right specialist they will be able to discuss it with you thoroughly. What is more, they should have the ability to do so in a way that puts you at ease and invites your questions.

Mon, Jan 20 3:19pm · Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

No I have not had a skin biopsy. I know I am not pre-menopausal as I have already been through that (at age 57 so it wasn't that long ago). I actually did not have hot flashes during menopause but I did have awful nightsweats for many many years leading up to that time. I will have to look into the neuropathy more. I appreciate the information.

Mon, Jan 20 8:23am · Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

@rwinney I thought small fiber neuropathy was associated with difficulty sweating or low sweat output. But maybe it can go either way. I know I do not have difficulty sweating as I am like you. I can sweat doing any minor household task or actually just thinking about something stressful can make me sweat.

Sun, Jan 19 7:27pm · Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

@artscaping @lioness
I did not know it was such a problematic issue with the insurance, etc.
I have been with this doctor for a long time and she is a very good internal medicine doc. I guess she is protecting me. She said she believes that fibro is real but that they just have not figured it out yet. She knows about all of my symptoms and I was just trying to figure out what is wrong since I keep going in to her with these symptoms. She did a massive amount of blood work and urinalysis and everything is perfectly normal. Testing for some autoimmune things too and nothing. I was reading a link on a website called The Mighty and it had an article called "Little Known Symptoms of Fibromyalgia" or something like that. It described a couple of things that have been happening lately that are new like hot flashes and sweating as well as redness on the cheeks and tenderness on the scalp. I just recently started having these in addition to all of my other symptoms and so it made me think even more that maybe I do have fibro.

I guess it is something we just are left to figure out on our own, sad to say.. I am getting ready to start some water exercise and PT in the pool. Hopefully that will help as well. Thank everyone for the information and all the best to you.

Sun, Jan 19 4:57pm · Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

@lioness, I got some of the Fibro Malic and have been taking it for several days now. I am not sure but I do think it is working a bit. I also stepped up my turmeric with bioprene and am taking more of that as well. I take gabapentin (neurontin) and pristiq along with norco and belbuca. I still have pain but I am hopeful this Fibro Malic may help like you say. I have not been diagnosed with fibromyalgia but I have most of the symptoms. My mom had it as well. My doctor said she doesn't want to put it on my records because that causes some doctors to be a little hesitant about treating you as it is so difficult to treat. She doesn't want me to have a stigma attached and she said she doesn't know if I have it or not. She does believe it is real and just believes that medical science just has not figured it out yet and that is why it is so difficult to diagnose and treat. I appreciated her honesty regarding how doctors often view a fibromyalgia patient. Have you found this to be true? I have been to so many doctors over the years, I cannot even name them all. But thanks for the tip on the Fibro Malic.

Mon, Jan 13 5:01pm · Fibromyalgia in Chronic Pain

I did a search on Vitacost for the Fibro Malic and it did not come up. Can you clarify for me what it is you take or send me a link to it please. Thank you.

Tue, Jan 7 7:51pm · Can Levothyroxine cause Sweating and Hot Flashes? in Diabetes/Endocrine System

I started on Levothryroxine around September of last year after testing borderline hypothyroid and complaining of fatigue. After being on 25 mcg except for 3 days a week where I take 50, it got my TSH back to around 2.5 as I recall. I am having the most awful sweating episodes it is as if I am going through menopause all over again. Has anyone had this experience with Levothyroxine? I take some other meds so it is hard to know if this is the culprit but it is the one I began most recently and seems most likely the cause at least to me. I should probably get tested again but is it possible that even if your TSH is where they want it to be (they tested the free T3, T4 and some other things as well) that this particular medication just doesn't agree with me? Has anyone had levothyroxine cause sweating?