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Jun 4, 2019 · Adult Life after a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in Brain & Nervous System

I have a tbi and too suffered from emotional outbursts. They seemed to be out of my control. I would try not to have them but it seemed impossible. There is a tremendous amount of frustration when it feels like your whole life has been taken away from you and for me it truly was. I share your challenge of living with a disabled adult and caring for them. Although he has a different diagnosis the behavior is the same. Because he cannot control himself I have had to establish safe zones for myself . I have a lock on my bedroom which really helps. He can be destructive and steal my things etc. I have found I also have to leave. Yesterday I had to leave for 6 hours. While it is not intention the behavior is abusive. Without boundaries I ithad triggered former PTSD. So take care of yourself. I need to remind myself it usually has nothing to do with me but he will accuse me a lot for causing his outbursts. I am with you on this and know you are not alone

Feb 22, 2019 · Adult Life after a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in Brain & Nervous System

I have been following your posts with interest and often find myself saying exactly right ! My original Tbi was about 11 years ago and have had two freak accidents since which have brought the pain and symptoms of the first tbi back and more. My latest tbi was in August of this year. I find it challenging to access my level of functioning. I think I am so much better and feel great about it then a task will emerge that I simply cannot do and I am brought back to a new limitation or reemergence of an old one. I have a bucket list, got tickets to a concert that was on my bucket list and then forced with the difficulty of being around noise realized two weeks before i simply could not go. Limitations have caused embarrassment and frustration when people like a transit clerk cannot understand why I cannot buy a ticket and yells at me for it. I am in my sixties and of course if I could do it I would. Stress really causes my cognitive function to go down. I have bad migraines, fibromyalgia, neuropathy and balance issues which I have been told are connected to the neurological impact of the tbi. Together they make daily living a challenge. It would be easy to spend all my days resting which I did for several years. The pain can be brutal. I find a hour of brain challenging games or puzzles each day really helps my level of functioning. It really has made a positive impact over the past two years that I have been doing them. Faith as someone mentioned earlier is such help in reaching some level of acceptance and peace with my condition. This site is such an inspiration and helps me feel like I am not going crazy and there are people who get it in a way that nobody else can. Look forward to hear more from fellow travelers.

Oct 8, 2017 · Balance and light headedness. in otherwise health male in Brain & Nervous System

Hi. I have a brain injury. I would go to Mayo. They will consult with a variety of specialists. Whatever he has is difficult to diagnose and the are great at that. The have reduced housing on site.

Aug 22, 2017 · Balance and falling a lot in Brain & Nervous System

Not to worry. That is exactly how I was. Without visual cues I fell over too. The therapist prevented me from falling.

Aug 21, 2017 · Balance and falling a lot in Brain & Nervous System

Hazel I too was falling a lot and hitting walls. I was tested for a lot of illnesss and then doctor put me into physical therapy. What I found was building my core for me made a huge difference. I feel centered again.
I do isometric exercises.
Something you might want to consider.
Hope you find an answer.

Jan 16, 2017 · Balance and falling a lot in Brain & Nervous System

I know it is very scary. Flying through the air with no control and I always had injuries one of which is in my wrist and never healed. I went to all the round of doctors one can imagine to get answers and physical therapy. One thing that did emerge is I was walking on the heels not using my toes to walk and it did help a great deal when I started walking on my entire foot. Also I began to reflect. It takes as you know a lot of time to connect what happens to make one feel unbalanced. Even knowing at times when I was feeling a bit unbalanced took work and time to learn awareness. For me it takes stopping and doing an assessment even when I feel I can trudge forward. I have fibromylgia, neuropathy and migraines. All of which cause pain. . My son who lives on the opposite coast but chats everyday said I think you fall when you have mentioned to me that you are in significant pain even after taking medication that day. . I wondered if the pain was connected to my falls. So I went to my internist and asked her if she would increase my pain meds on a trial basis to see if it would help. I did find that living without pain as much as possible made a big difference. I also had my eyes checked and changed my prescription. I still get dizzy but now I am much more aware of my body and when I get dizzy I meditate and stop doing things. I just make it a rest day. Sometimes it may be a three day rest day but it beats falling. The dizzy spells seemed to be associated to when I try and get things done such as clean the house. So cleaning the house now is a major project as I have to separate it over many days. Physical labor of any kind is a challenge. I have had to really change my expectations of what I can do. I am very lucky that while I have stumbled I have not fallen in some time. I am able to stretch my arms out straight and realign my body which makes my balance return. Even a new pair of shoes was a trigger. I stumbled on the stairs so those boots are gone. Too bad I really liked them.
Hope this maybe helps a little.
Best wishes.

Jun 21, 2016 · Falling in Brain & Nervous System

Of course you are right. Thank you for reminding me.

Jun 21, 2016 · Falling in Brain & Nervous System

Thank you for you response. The doctors decided my narco had to go up. I am never below a 7.5 and most of the time 8 to 10. They think that level of pain may be reducing my level of clarity and ability to process things. After I hit 9 my brain is just in a fog and I get dizzy. It is too busy processing pain to do anything else.
I could of done it on my own but I don’t like to play with opiates.
I have injured both hands so for the time being weight on my hands is not an option but that is a great idea and when my hands heal I hope I can use a cane. Thanks for telling me about the cerebellar ataxia. I will do some research on that.
Takes a ton of patience.