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Aug 4, 2016 · Fibromyalgia effects my pupils in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Fibromyalgia, anyone?

Aug 4, 2016 · No where to turn for answers: Headaches, body pains, slurred speech in Brain & Nervous System

Go online….stay busy looking for someone to respond….. Mayo or Carrick Brain Center……do it immediately. Sounds like they dont know ajd are afraid to give you the wrong information….stay strong and try your best to think positive and smile…..both of you….God bless you and I pray you get answers soon and a path to perfect health…..dont forget that nutrition is a key to healing the body….look into Tahitian noni juice, stick with the brand in the green liter bottle with Ralph (island man blowing into a conch shell)….you’ll find the best prices on Amazon…..it allowed my Dr’s son to recover from an inoperable brain tumor that was causing frequent seizures…..

Jan 8, 2016 · Released from the hospital for episodes, all tests clear — confused in Epilepsy & Seizures

es6903, i believe much of your experience was/is the Fibromyalgia….flares must be reported promptly and regularly….keep a log….the paralysis must be something else, though. I havent seen that listed in any of the symptoms for fibro. I experienced today, a rushing, windy sensation in my ears which led me to this site. I’m baffled, but expecting to learn its medication side effects….i pray you find answers…..we are all looking for them….smile,S