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Nov 27, 2015 · Drug not controlling seizures and weight ballooning. Help in Brain & Nervous System

Ok so before I was finally diagnosed with frontal lobe grand mal nocturnal seizures in 2010, when I was born I was very sick w sepsis ( alcoholic mom) , and epilepsy is also on my mothers side. I had a grand mal over a month ago but I have the staring and tuning out and my dreams are so surreal. It was like this before I was diagnosed. So I went to the Cleveland Clinic.. They put me on a expire mental drug called Vimpat at that time. I eventually was prescribed it mind you I was 7 months preg and had to register w some thing. Anyways I have been on Vimpat since up to 600 mg a day started at 250 my weight has ballooned I’m always tired. It does not take all my epilepsy symptoms away but I deal. I want to find a new neurologist all I get to see is Dr.foldvarys PA AND I’m just basically told to keep upping the dose? I’m new to this any medical professionals with opinions and or advice??? Sincerely Brit