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Thu, Sep 3 8:26am · Chest and upper back pain with bronchiectasis and pseudomonas in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi Joann, Lungs do hurt at times if you have asthma. A technician who does the breathing test at the hospital told me that and he has asthma! Also have you been checked for scoliosis? I have it and it can cause pain most anywhere in the spine. Physical Therapy might help, it did for me and when my sessions were over, I continue to do the exercises at home. Wishing you a good day–baz

Thu, Sep 3 8:17am · When medicines and supplements don’t mix in Aging & Health: Take Charge

Hi cb772, Please, Please retrain your thoughts about killing yourself–you are very important to many people and especially to God! Have you tried meditation for the anxiety? Also light exercise is great for anxiety and depression and if there are any support groups in your area for Depression/Anxiety I urge you to please seek them out and go. Check with your local Mental Health Association and see if there are any available. I facilitated a support group for 6 years and the people who came, helped each other so much. 67 is pretty young and if you get the right direction, you should have several more years to have a happy life. There is an exercise program on a PBS TV station weekday mornings "Functional Fitness" and the instructor and her helper(s) give 2 to 3 variations of exercises that most anyone can do and I urge you to check this out. Sending you a big hug to hope you feel better. BAZ

Wed, Aug 26 7:57am · Surgery concerns in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi Terri, I have coughed up liquid blood on occasion and was always diagnosed with pneumonia when having CT's and X-rays, then a couple of times the radiologist stated that the findings on the film from the scans/X-rays were consistent with MAC but my allergy/asthma doc dismissed that analogy, so no I have never been tested for MAC.

Tue, Aug 25 9:31am · Surgery concerns in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi Heather, Yes, I was diagnosed with asthma along with bronchiectasis almost 5 years ago in my senior years. Had chronic bronchitis over and over and was always prescribed antibiotics about every 6 weeks or so, and doctors would ask me if I had asthma and I would always tell them to tell me if I did, and finally found an asthma and allergy lung specialist who tested me and said yes, I do have asthma! I nebulize with Brovana twice daily followed by Alvesco inhaler. Best wishes to you. BAZ

Thu, Jul 16 9:31am · Acid Reflux: How do you get relief? in Digestive Health

Zig was a very smart man!

Tue, Jun 30 8:38pm · C Diff and neck pain? in Digestive Health

hello skolotilin Just read about your neck pain and the fact that you have had physical therapy for a few months at a time and it helped. I, too have had shoulder and back pain along with some neck pain and did PT as well and it helped so much, then due to the Covid-19 I had to stop going to PT but have kept the exercises up at home and that works wonders. Could you possibly do the PT exercises at home that you were doing at therapy? Hope things work out for you. BAZ

Wed, Jun 17 9:07pm · Gluten-free diet in Digestive Health

I have been using the Walmart brand Great Value GF flour for several months and find it to be very good and a good price. Have been doing gluten free for about 6 years now.