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Thu, Sep 12 9:59am · Extreme fatigue with MAC in MAC & Bronchiectasis

What is NTM? I want to know the whole words. Thanks.

Sat, Sep 7 9:22am · In shock after MAC diagnosis in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi sylvermound, You mentioned that your doc said you might have gotten the MAI from gardening, and our mulch is one of the best places to get mold from. Also digging in the soil can release different toxins from bird droppings, that can cause hystoplasmosis that can scar the lungs and cause a fungal infection. I love to garden, but sometimes do wear the surgical type ear loop mask and try to do it in the late day or evening hours. Best wishes with your bronchoscopy.

Sat, Aug 31 10:32am · Gluten-free diet in Digestive Health

Hi guthealth @guthealth,

I have been on gluten free diet for 6+ years due to lots of stomach issues, as well as infections. Dr. started me out on sugar and yeast free diet and I gradually got around to a gluten free diet. When eating anything with wheat in it, I get bloated, nausea and diarrhea. Even though I have not been tested for celiac or other issues, the gluten free seems to work for me. A chiropractor had suggested that I try it many years ago, but I thought it would be so difficult and didn't really believe it would help, but it sure has. My husband likes the recipes and gluten free foods so that makes it easier to follow the diet even thought he does eat a regular diet mostly. It is also fun to experiment with gluten free recipes.

Sun, Jul 7 11:15am · Is it really Walking Pneumonia? in Lung Health

Hi abopp2022, I am so sorry that you haven't been able to get relief from whatever is happening to you. With a steroid shot, sometimes one might get a bit jittery, but it normally doesn't last too long, with steroid pills that is another story, they can make you very nervous and anxious, cry, and even want to swing from the chandelier at least that has been my reaction and I can't tolerate the pills. Do you feel like doing something for someone in need, such as a nursing home even if it is just going in to read to someone who can't see to read anymore? Sometimes it helps radically when we are feeling down and thinking of our problems, to help someone else, that gets our mind off of ourselves. Perhaps you might take short walks starting with just a few steps if that is all you feel like, then work up to longer ones. It is so frustrating when we feel bad and the docs can't pinpoint the problem, but it looks like you have had an x-ray and it looked ok. Our feelings can do strange and sometimes terrifying things to our body and diarrhea, heartburn and chest pain is no stranger when we are upset. Talk to yourself like the little train, I think I can, I think I can—I know I can and give yourself confidence that you are worthy to have a good healthy life!
Looks like you might have a little Pug friend from your post picture, so just love it and care for it, and get better so you can enjoy each other.Thinking of you and saying a Prayer that all will get better soon!

Sat, Jun 29 8:38pm · Is it really Walking Pneumonia? in Lung Health

When anxiety is present, it is usually helpful to BREATHE—deep breath in, then with pursed lips slowly blow out. Mother had CHF and many times she would get short of breath and I taught her to do this breathing and it always helped, and now I have COPD and asthma and when I feel like there is not enough air, I do this breathing exercise. Maybe 6 times will do the trick for you. Hope this helps your chest feel lighter.. Steroid shots are not too bad, as I have had them to help with inflammation of the lungs, and they sometimes give one good energy. Get better SOON!

Thu, Jun 27 10:51am · Is it really Walking Pneumonia? in Lung Health

Hi abopp2022
Think if would be a good idea to try and see an Allergist doc or a lung doc, and yes, it might be good to go to the ER since it seems that the other doc visits haven't seemed to help. Our lungs are not to be ignored. Best wishes to you.

Tue, Apr 30 12:45pm · Sadness over diagnosis in Just Want to Talk

Hi Catmom, Sorry about your diagnosis but maybe a little pep talk might help? I was diagnosed with LGL a heart syndrome when I was only 32 years old and thought my world would come to an end, even though the doc told me that it would not interfere with anything I wanted to do, so fast forward 44 years and here I am. About 4 years ago I was diagnosed with COPD, asthma bronchiestatis (sp) as well as osteopenia and here I am writing to you, so PLEASE don't give yourself a death sentence over your diagnosis, just get the best medical help available and keep right on going. "Attitude effects Altitude." Just had my 76th birthday last week.