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Fri, Oct 18 8:38am · Has anyone been diagnosed with Abdominal Wall Pain in Chronic Pain

Have you checked in to Alternative medicine? Try contacting Celebration of Health Clinic in Bluffton, Ohio and ask if they have had experience with this type of issue. They do good work there!

Thu, Oct 10 3:52pm · IBS in Digestive Health

Hi crj @crj
Have you by any chance tried a gluten free diet? That has worked relatively well for me for about 6 years and it has been quite easy to follow.
Best of luck.

Sun, Oct 6 3:56pm · After effects of heavy antibiotics in Digestive Health

Hopefully some meditation can give you some relief. There is a doc who is a general practice physician in Bluffton, Ohio at a place called The Celebration of Health Clinic an alternative practice clinic who might be able to give you some help. Check with them regarding insurance provider prior to going. Dr Chappel is the doc's name. Also an alternative doc is in Huntington, IN. Blessings.

Sun, Oct 6 3:48pm · After effects of heavy antibiotics in Digestive Health

The pharmacy where I get my scripts has it on my record that I am allergic to quinolones so perhaps you could have a red flag on your pharmacy file? I had C-diff about 15 years ago and thought I was going to die. Lost 8 pounds in a week and couldn't keep anything but gatorade down. It took at least 6 months for me to regain strength. My GP thought I just had a stomach flu and prescribed anti-diarrhea meds which was the wrong thing to do. A doctor friend helped me get the correct diagnosis and prescribed Vancomycin . We HAVE to take charge of our medical health and if in doubt–get a second or 3rd opinion. I have to take a childs dose of antibiotics when needed and for the shortest period of time.

Thu, Sep 12 9:59am · Extreme fatigue with MAC in MAC & Bronchiectasis

What is NTM? I want to know the whole words. Thanks.

Sat, Sep 7 9:22am · In shock after MAC diagnosis in MAC & Bronchiectasis

Hi sylvermound, You mentioned that your doc said you might have gotten the MAI from gardening, and our mulch is one of the best places to get mold from. Also digging in the soil can release different toxins from bird droppings, that can cause hystoplasmosis that can scar the lungs and cause a fungal infection. I love to garden, but sometimes do wear the surgical type ear loop mask and try to do it in the late day or evening hours. Best wishes with your bronchoscopy.

Sat, Aug 31 10:32am · Gluten-free diet in Digestive Health

Hi guthealth @guthealth,

I have been on gluten free diet for 6+ years due to lots of stomach issues, as well as infections. Dr. started me out on sugar and yeast free diet and I gradually got around to a gluten free diet. When eating anything with wheat in it, I get bloated, nausea and diarrhea. Even though I have not been tested for celiac or other issues, the gluten free seems to work for me. A chiropractor had suggested that I try it many years ago, but I thought it would be so difficult and didn't really believe it would help, but it sure has. My husband likes the recipes and gluten free foods so that makes it easier to follow the diet even thought he does eat a regular diet mostly. It is also fun to experiment with gluten free recipes.