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Jan 9, 2018 · #MayoClinicNeuroChat on Innovations in Neurovascular, Brain Hemorrhage, & Ischemic Stroke in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases

My name is Mary Fields. I had an ischemic lacunar stroke 11 months after I retired from 30 years in the United States Air Force. I live close to Austin if anybody knows of a miracle worker in the area. If not in the area, we (my husband) and I can travel. I wish you each a fruitful life. If there are any questions I can answer (all I have are my experiences) feel free to email me. Mary


Mar 20, 2016 · Stroke in Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases



I am a retired female veteran who served her country in the United States
Air Force. I had a career with them, made the rank of Chief Master Sergeant
(E-9), which by law may only be attained by 1% of the enlisted force,
served 30 years, and was a Bioenvironmental Engineer. I retired in 2008.

months later I had a stroke which affected my right side. It was ischemic
and lacunar. I have still not recovered from the effects of this stroke,
although I have been in Physical and Occupational Therapy for the last 6
years. To challenge myself I attended Columbia Southern University online
and got a Bachelor’s in Science, specializing in Environmental Management
with a 3.4 GPA, after the stroke.

Prior to my stroke I had been diagnosed with Subclavian Steal syndrome on
my right side – a condition in which the main artery feeding the arm is
occluded, leading to weakness and discomfort in the arm. In order to
strengthen my right arm, I underwent surgery at Brooke Army Medical Center
in San Antonio, Texas in June 2011. Because of complications that arose
during and after surgery, I found myself in their ICU, apoxic and eventually
intubated. I lost part of my frontal lobe, leading to loss of critical
thinking skills, poor impulse control, inability to concentrate and aphasia.
I have made some progress in regaining my cognitive abilities. I now live in
Bastrop, Texas.

I am not able to use the phone so if you would just use my email I would
appreciate it.

I have been trying Veterans Administration but have gotten nowhere.

I did find a resource at Baylor Rehabilitation located in Dallas Tx for both
my stroke and Traumatic Brain Injury.

I really need this and I have tried the Veterans Administration without any

Your help in this matter would really be appreciated.

I have suffered child abuse and sexual abuse from my Dad and his father.
The abuse will be addressed at Baylor also.