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Jun 28, 2015 · Alternative Explanations for Low GFR, Elevated Creatinine in Kidney & Bladder

I wish there was something that someone could do or maybe give me answers. I don’t live close by to your faciliites and have always have complete faith that if anyone could give me some kind of info, it would be appreciated. Thanks.

Kim Hill, living donor

Jun 23, 2015 · Alternative Explanations for Low GFR, Elevated Creatinine in Kidney & Bladder

I am a 42 year old female who donated my kidney to my brother 7 years ago. Since the surgery my eGFR always runs low, sometimes it has even dropped to the 40s. My creatinine always runs just a little high. I am told my numbers show that I am in 3rd stage kidney disease but doctors say we shouldn’t worry as long as my numbers stay consistent. I have also recently found out my auto immune titer rate has jumped from 1:40 to 1:640 within one year. I have been passed around to specialist after specialist and no one has been able to figure out which ana disease I may have and if its related to the kidney failure. I believe it is. I tested negative for RA lab work and told by rheumatoid specialist I do not have RA but now my doctor is wanting to refer to another RA specialist. I have gained 18 pounds within one month and have not changed my eating habits so not sure why weight gain. Thyroid has been checked since every woman in my family is either hypo or hyperthyroid. One test barely registered on the tsh test but was within normal range month later. I have had thyroid nuclear tests that was ok. I have mild degenerate disc and mild scoliosis of the spine. My career involved lots of movement and lifting as I am a Paramedic trying to save the lifes of others. 3 years ago a disc went out in my back while sitting in class and has been causing me pain for 3 years straight with no relief. My legs go numb occassionally while I am walking. I am told I am most likely going through menopause on top of all this due to my massive hot flashes but cold hands and cold feet as long as I can remember. I have small white spots on parts of my face and arms that doctor said is just sun damage and pigmentation change. I have feeling that all this is tied together and I am beyond frustrated that no one can give me answers so that maybe if there is some meds or cure I should be on it. Only issue is that most of the meds that will help are steroids of some kind and with only one kidney apparently not doing so good, most will not prescribe it to me. I am told by most specialists I am a rare unknown symptomatic case and my doctor even suggested I contact the Mayo Clinic. I live in Missouri so its not a quick trip for me but at this point I would really like some answers and relief. Anyone that may any answers to help me would be appreciated. I am beyond discouraged. Thanks.
K Hill