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Mar 1, 2017 · Scleroderma and Raynauds in Autoimmune Diseases

I have being diagnosed with Scleroderma as part of Systemic Sclerosis. Reunald's   disease more then 20 years ago, when this area was very new and underdeveloped. I watched myself course of this debilitating disease, which brought me today still fighting and fighting symptoms after symptoms. It is not disease, it is symptoms piling up over the years. I have MCD, moving to more moderate etc. I try to read all what associated with it.  I was introduce to a walker, cane for balance improvement.I am 70 y/o nowOlga

Mar 17, 2015 · Second opinion options: colorectal cancer in Colorectal Cancer

My inner sphincter is destroyed by scleroderma. I am incontinent for 10-15 years. I do protect accidents by constipating around o’clock, as GI Professor recommended to do v.s. colostomy. To make a long story short, It is a time for full colonoscopy, but I am dreaded preparation. DO YOU THINK I CAN SKIP IT, as I am
Thank you,