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Feb 27, 2015 · scheduling sacrocolpopexy and cystocele repair...more than a little scared in Women's Health

I had a stage 4 pelvic organ prolapse and had had constant pressure/pain, and a lot of discomfort with bodily functions. I had a sacrocolpopexy, rectocele repair, and perineum repair a few months ago. I no longer have pain, pressure, organs falling out of me, and am totally normal with my bodily functions and anatomy. Yeah! :-). However, I continue to have nonstop discharge. The last doctor I went to wanted to operate right away and take all the mesh out of me. BUT she couldn’t answer whether I would then go back to having all the previous problems that I had! I did have a subsequent operation after my original sacrocolpopexy and they found that the anterior mesh arm had fallen off the sacrum but was adhered to the posterior mesh arm which they strengthened with additional sutures. They also found that mesh had extruded into my vaginal wall so they clipped that off and sutured the opening. It took care of all the residual pain that I had had but NOT the discharge. So I would say that I am still ‘in process’ and hope that Mayo will help me with the continuing discharge. BUT, having said that, I am in a MUCH better place physically today than I was before my original sacrocolpopexy. So I would say, ‘fear not’. Oops just noticed that your post was from 2012! Guess this isn’t an active forum. Not surprised as it took Mayo over 40 MINUTES! to get me to the right department today!!