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Aug 26, 2016 · Mitral valve repair in Heart & Blood Health

I’ve had my pig valve for over 10 years and I’ve experienced no ill effects. I cannot feel it beat, it still feels like my own heart. In fact, my valve is still working as well as it did the day they put it in! It’s “perfect” as my cardiologist, Dr. Warnes, says. I had a checkup just over a year ago and she said I didn’t need to come back for 2 years. Theres no calcification, no regurgitation or anything. Sometimes these valves can last way longer than their life expectancy. I’m so thankful I went to Mayo and had the surgery. I wouldnt be here if I hadn’t.

Feb 13, 2015 · Webinar: Congenital Heart Disease – What Patients Need to Know in Heart & Blood Health

I have tetralogy of fallot and am 41. Dr. Warnes is my cardiologist and Dr. Dearani replaced my pulmonary valve with a porcine valve in July of 2006. As of my visit last year, my valve is still working perfectly (thank you, Dr. Dearani!). But I know it’s just a matter of time until I will need that valve replaced again. What are the advancements in the field of minimally-invasive valve replacement? I am hoping that by the time my valve needs replacing, it won’t need to happen through open-heart surgery.