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Fri, Mar 13 8:51am · IBS-C in Digestive Health

Yes I have growths in bile ducts aka PBS my stools were very stiff and felt bloated, fiber actually iritates intestines ask your doctor to see if your magnesium deficent! I have pills and oil subdermal I take it like 2 times a week also calms anxiety helps in absorption of calcium and soften stools I feel much better I got it on Amazon . Take at night has a drowsy effect also helps skin and heart ,connective tissue ligaments cartilage , I got Doctors Best high absorption 100% chelated Magnesium take 2-200 mg at night before bed found some labs I was magnesium low ! The oil has a tingle to your skin goes away fast By Austra topical grade 100 percent pure good luck ,I know it is a horrible feeling feel better!D ps I prefer the pills

Fri, Mar 13 8:51am · IBS-C in Digestive Health

High fiber irritates intentinal lining and I think cortizones aka steriods should be reserved as a last solution ! I have been put on predisone so many times my immune system wont shut off also a steriod used when all else fails for anaphylaxis shock , I swear by magnesium look up foods rich in magnesium for constipation I take in pill form have doctor check your levels with a simple blood test! Spinach and other greens are magnesium rich I take in pill form ! Good luck D

Fri, Mar 13 8:51am · IBS-C in Digestive Health

Im not sure whats in miralax? I would go for the 100%pure I tried the fiber thing made me worse, you dont want to damage intestinal lining especially small intestines thats where absorption of vitamins minerals proteins ect begin, I read extensively before I put anything in my body I was a medical student because I was concerned about my brother RIP and my health! You know if you have taken too much magnesium it will give you the runs ! Which is a great indicator being constipated is a misrable exsistance !! Just trying to help good luck to you!

Fri, Mar 13 8:51am · IBS-C in Digestive Health

I hear you fiber is no good for me either! I live in N.Y. can’t help buthave a slice hear and there, I do not feel well with a high fat meal eitherI always eat fruit and vegetables fresh of course or frozen ,But hadproblems with bowl movements for years and was reading one day and cameacross magnesium I am 53 as a child my Sicilian grandmother use to give mea teaspoon of magnesium before I went to bed and found some labs ,bloodwork couple years old I was 1 numeral from being of the charts magnesiumlow! It works great for Many reasons I suggest you Google it first ,fiberdoes un repairable damage causing malnutrition aka malabsorption can’tbelieve the doctors are so far behind well I.actually can just because theyhave a PhD does not make everyone a good Dr! Be well Deena

Mon, Feb 3 9:19pm · Achalasia in Digestive Health

I have this also and losing my voice a way to control reflux is lemon water it brings the acid down lemon is high pH alkaline stops the acid erosion my brother RIP and sister have had esophagus reflux also. When I sip lemon water my voice gets stronger squeeze a half of lemon in a glass or bottle of water! Don’t forget to take pits out! I might have read it on here?

Mar 12, 2017 · Relentless bile reflux / pain in Digestive Health

Have you seen a GI doc??

Mar 12, 2017 · Crohn's treatment - Question about Imuran (Azathioprine) in Digestive Health

I seen a doc on HBO a while ago. They take feces from a healthy human process it and make an enema and put it in you rectum, Sounds freaky but they got it from horses to cure them it’s for crones and Colitas, actually it was on vice! And it works ! You might find it on utube? Seems someone good bacteria can help you

Mar 1, 2017 · stopping Carvedilol (Coreg): When will the effects wear off? in Heart & Blood Health

I had a friend like that she would be driving fast and go into a full blown panic attack? Only while driving? Hope you don’t have another attack god forbid pull over and calm yourself with deep breathing and try to relax!!