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Feb 11, 2019 · Chronic dizziness and vestibular migraines in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I have these types of migraines. The effect can last more than just during the migraine because it overwhelms your balance center. It is sort of like a migraine hang over. They can happen often enough that your body cannot fully return to normal befire the next one occurs. You may have other issues that compound with the migraines. I have Chronic Subjective Dizziness coupled with my Vestibluar migraines and it makes me "dizzy" for hours…days…weeks…months…and even years at a time. I went to Mayo Clinic and had it diagnosed. I use a combination of medication, suppliments, exercise, talk therapy, and some less convential methids to strengthen my tolerance to the dizzy. I also work to prevent triggers from causing more acute attacks. It is a life long challenge for me going on 8yrs now. Be open minded. Our brains are very powerful and very delicate. Keep Looking for answers but be willing to really hear what doctors find in medical evidence. Not all cases of any one medical issue have the exact same symptoms. Take Care Hang In There!

Mar 30, 2018 · Chronic dizziness and vestibular migraines in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I had imbalance everyday prior to using medication. I still have imbalance off of medication as well. However the medication is used to help manage part of the reason I have the imbalance. It is a preventative for my vestibular migraines. When it is combined with an SSRI to treat my anxiety and depression it helps reduce the number of days/time I feel dizzy. I am best when I also control my stress levels and exercise as well.

Medication is not a "cure" for my imbalance. It helps me manage it from day to day. I am disabled legally as it keeps me from being a reliable person in the workforce.

If you have more questions feel free to ask.

Jun 7, 2016 · Balance and falling a lot in Brain & Nervous System

Do you feel off balance like you are walking on a boat or like you go to turn the corner and your leg goes forward but your head seems to weigh 100lbs and you pitch backward or sideways? You bump into walls and fall down doing some of the simplest things? Like you were intoxicated but you’ve not had a drop of anything to drink? If so, it could be similar to what I got. I went to Mayo to get a full diagnosis back in 2014.

Jun 8, 2016 · Balance and falling a lot in Brain & Nervous System

The “imbalance” part was diagnosed as Chronic Subjective Dizziness. Basically my brain/body is hyper sensitive to the movement of my head and objects around me. I have other diagnosi that go along with it that exasterbate it but it occurs alone as well.

May 12, 2016 · Chronic dizziness and vestibular migraines in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Vestibular migraines are real and there are medications that help! I have had them since January of 2011. I take Topimax. I began on lower doses and increased as I needed with close supervision of my neurologist. Ask about this medication! You don’t have to live feeling tipsy while you’re stone cold sober.

I say try that for a while. If that alone doesn’t help look up something called Chronic Subjective Dizziness. It’s real and it can be combined with vestibular migraines and it isn’t something too many general ENT docs know about. MAYO Clinic would be the best bet for that diagnosis. BUT REMEMBER ASK ABOUT TOMPIMAX first.

I am living proof that there is always and answer and always a way. HANG IN THERE!


Feb 21, 2015 · I have Major Depression, Panic and Anxiety Disorder, Hyperacusis, and Chronic Subjective Dizziness (CSD) in Depression & Anxiety

Dear Roman,

I seem to have a story that just keeps getting more mountains and valleys the longer I am around. My entire life seems to be me all alone while I am completely surrounded. After 29 years I am beginning to come to terms with the fact God needs me to focus and I do it best this way. 

I’ve got people who love me, a couple people who might understand me, and a small group of people that support me, but at the end of the day and in the quiet hours alone at home it’s just me inside my head and God knows there is a war in there I face on my own. 

God has given me everything I need to conquer this particular mountain and he’s my biggest supporter, yet even for someone raised from first breath to trust in God, I can’t quite feel his presence on the battle field. I have to have faith that he is present even in the numbness of my depression, the fear of my anxiety, the anger, the self hate, the frustration, and all the pain.

Then I take a nap and work on my CSD coping skills and day to day therapy! Woo! Ya know my Grandfather told me I could do anything I put my mind to and he told me to save the world one dog at a time… I wonder if he would still see that I am doing things, just a bit differently than I  thought? 

Oh, if you don’t have a pet of some sort….even if you are retired….I highly recommend one! Science hasn’t caught up to explain it, but God didn’t create them critters for nothing! Personally my pets are part of my therapy for my conditions on all levels and maybe, one day, I can share what they have done for me with others.

I should sleep now. 


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Feb 20, 2015 · I have Major Depression, Panic and Anxiety Disorder, Hyperacusis, and Chronic Subjective Dizziness (CSD) in Depression & Anxiety

Dear Roman,

I had almost given up hope that anyone else with CSD (on these boards) had God as their light in the dark. 

I keep telling myself God wouldn’t let me walk through this so alone and so surrounded for no reason. There had to be a reason for it all!

It’s been a long time since my eyes filled with tears of joy and not torment and sorrow. 

Tell me what to do! I was created to help serve others. If my life helps me do that then tell me how.

(My Big Sister Gave Me This Nickname )

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Feb 3, 2015 · Chronic Subjective Dizziness-CSD in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I know that accepting the diagnosis of CSD is more than difficult. I
developed it in January 2011 and wasn\’t diagnosed officially until August
of 2014.

I have had all sorts of diagnosis along the way, but what I am sure of is
that CSD is like an add on disease. It does not exist alone. If doctors
find nothing damaged in your vestibular system it doesn\’t mean nothing is
affecting it. I have vestibular migraines that the CSD uses to amplify
itself and flare up. There was no test for this type of migraine except to
treat for it and see if my described symptoms improved.

When medication is involved, trying one medication may not be the solution.
Everyone\’s brain chemistry is different so not all medications are a
perfect fit for everyone. Klonopin is not generally proven to be the best
solution for CSD. You should contact Dr. Shepherd about the current
medications used for CSD patients. You also need to remember medication is
not a cure but a method to manage.

CSD is always accompanied by other diseases be they physical or
psychological. Those diseases have to be treated as well because CSD uses
them to \”feed\” on if you will and \”flare\” up. I can tell you that CSD
appears to come out of nowhere, but that is never the case once it\’s been
figured out for a person (if it really is ever figured out).

I have it mostly figured out for myself with a lot of help and I can\’t work
right now. CSD has changed the way I live my life, but I still have a life.

If you choose the victim stance you will be miserable. If you choose to
live and fight for every step you will feel the strife of fighting to live
your life the way you want, but you get to live and not just some shell of
a life.

Keep looking for your solution!