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Jun 19, 2014 · "Electric Shock" type pain in my scalp! in Chronic Pain

I’m currently experiencing my second round of this pain. The first was two years ago and lasted more than a month before it finally went away. When people ask me to describe the pain I ask if they have ever seen the children’s movie, “Fern Gully”. I feel like the character Batty who escaped from a lab with wires implanted in his head and every so often they shock him. Two years ago a dr told me this was shingles, even tho there are no visible sores. The right half of my scalp, including my ear, feels almost numb and tight. As the days go by it is getting worse and the tingling is developing into more defined zaps. I find myself massaging my scalp to try to “loosen” the scalp from the scull if that makes any sense… I’ll start looking for a neurologist tonight…