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5 days ago · Anyone else dealing with shingles? in Autoimmune Diseases

Speaking with dr falci about vaccines on Wednesday.

Thu, Jan 23 10:49am · Arachnoiditis: Trying to find a specialist in Spine Health

Go to the Facebook group, Adhesive Arachnoiditis We Fight. There is tons of info there, Illinois doctors are familiar with AA. Dr. JOSHI, HOFFMAN ESTATES, try him or try support group

Thu, Jan 23 10:49am · Arachnoiditis: Trying to find a specialist in Spine Health

Livingwitharachnoiditis.com and facebook groups too. Arachnoiditis just search engine should pull them up and mr. Secret so you have to sometimes email people and let them know your condition before they’ll let you in but it’s no big deal but try to get in one they’re really great and then all else there’s paint National pain network.com or maybe International Pain network.com try both

Thu, Jan 23 10:49am · Arachnoiditis: Trying to find a specialist in Spine Health

Find an intractable pain doctor for palliative support

Jun 22, 2017 · Stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD): What specialists do I see? in Kidney & Bladder

I have adhesive Arachnoiditis and diagnosed in sept 2016 from bad epidural dieting child birth 26years ago. I have had kidney issues since high school. To the point that Batrium DS caused gives after a period of time and found out im allergic to the sulfa in the drug. Since my diagnosis and being put on HcG hormones Mon-Wed-Friday’s, with my premarin 0.625mg ( last example ultrasound found fluid in right adenex, CT scan cannot see thru artifacts from s1 (defective s1 disc, defect – slid and broke L5 off pedicles, L3L4 nerve root bundling, bunching and 2cm bulge (?questionable not a tarvo cyst in my mind)) ( pre menopausal age 51, hysterectomy age 34, 1 ovary left) ketoralac injections 1 ML IM Mon and Thursday and one more time during the week if needed. I do not empty bladder fully, 400cc and 30 minutes later 200cc. In 2013 I had pyelonepharitis, they gave too much saline, gained 20 pounds fluid, don’t know if damaged ted blood cells or not. 7/13/13 on ciprofloxin, and 8/25/13 hospitalized for peeing blood and pus. Gave several different antibiotics until a good one found.
Since being on HcG and ketoralac, i had no idea my kidney function was bad, until I started these meds. Before I was having to lean left, a cough causing umbilical hernia and also had sphincter of oddi dysfunction, was on wrong morphine 7 months, IR not ER and started getting heartburn, epigastritis, and sent to gastro specialist who cut sphincyer ( it just needed to calm down but in that process they talked me into colonoscopy and removed adenoma and 2 polyps.) I see now that the stream is stron from start to finish and think also them cutting my sphincter weakened the others. Along with this cough, had lung cancer CT lung yesterday, 2ndary exposure 23 yrs of asbestosis, farther padded of complications (copd & heart). My BUN/creatinine ratio was high…7.0 (0.0-4.9 range) neuroinflammation maybe? Kidneys? Wgite blood ct up 11.0 (3.4-10.8) high, lymphs (absolute) 3.2 (0.7-3.1 ranges) little high. ,creatine kinase total serum was 86 (within range). But c rative protein, quant. 7.0 (0.0-4.9) above high. In March creatine kinase was 55 normal. (24-173) went up, broke little toe twice this month though and lots of running into things or dropping things. On 6-28-16 last year BUN was 5 below normal. 04-01-2016 sphincter of oddi dysfunction, c reactive protein, QUANT..5.2 high! (0.0-4.9) all this up and down. Last year was a rough year, lost 152lbs to 118 pounds by May, Could be why hernias along with cough agrivating it.