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Dec 31, 2018 · Throat pain right side only, sore right ear, nose sores 4 months in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Gosh, I'm no doctor, but I'd seriously consider chiropractic care with someone reputable and who has long-term experience. When my neck was off it took a long time to get the muscles to relax and they're easily agitated, but just getting it aligned properly was an absolute relief. I also had muscle therapy since one side gets tight and the other shortened, but seems like alignment could at least give you more movement and massage along w/that would help the muscular complications. Even if it's a friend doing massage. I don't know what I'd do if I hadn't done those things. At the time, ortho really didn't suggest it, but it changed my whole life. I wish you the best.

Dec 24, 2018 · Soft tissue rheumatism syndrome? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

No, unfortunately, but the place I am now going to for my back gives a huge discount if you pay cash and they don't have to deal with insurance.

Dec 24, 2018 · Soft tissue rheumatism syndrome? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Gosh, barring something else medically going on, it really does seem that if your spine is all off, it's causing other problems mechanically and muscularly.

I'd think a broken ankle might cause some long-term muscle/ligament healing, so stretching and then exercises to strengthen again would help from getting re-injured. I doubt that could cause one leg to be shorter. However that could be an issue from scoliosis, if your back is misaligned.
My daughter was in college and complaining of low back pain but hadn't done anything. Sitting too much doesn't help matters, but we took her to a chiropractor for an adjustment and he pointed out how much shorter one leg was. We ended up getting her custom orthotics for her shoes (she has 1 pair and just moves them). She's never had to go back to him, the orthotics worked like a gem, balancing her leg length solved the back/leg pain. They're sturdy also so she didn't need to get the orthotics adjusted (they'll do it free early on), and she's had them for several years.

If you can try go to the chiro a few times. It might make a world of difference to all of the pains you are having. I'd also suggest gentle yoga, which has been recommended to me. Just this weekend someone told me they met a man in their class who had almost been crippled for years, barely moving from different pains and after doing 24 months of yoga is like a younger person, agile and back to sports and enjoying life more. That you could do at home free.

Dec 24, 2018 · Soft tissue rheumatism syndrome? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

@momof2gems have you considered your spine may be off balance? If one side is off everything from your head to toes can be painful and throw off your entire body mechanically. I also feel like surgeons only see things how they can fix "surgically," they aren't thinking integrated medicine to help their patients. Fortunately that tide is slowly shifting.

My sister has suffered with fibromyalgia and I've wondered if I had it also, because I've had the carpal tunnel, tendonitis, golf and tennis elbows from overusing my hands/arms, car accident messed up my neck/upper back, beach accident started R hip bursitis, pain all over my body and now lower back herniation because my core was weak. I've had to take 6 Aleve a day but you can't do that long-term for anti-inflammation! 2 is Rx strength @ one time, but they last longer than Advil/Motrin. However though I've had these incidents, I do not want to assume I also have fibromyalgia, and honestly feel there's something else mechanically that throws things off. I believe having my spine aligned has helped me, along with massage to get the muscles back and balanced. I do NOT go routinely to a chiropractor like some (I've read stories), but I DO go when I feel out of whack, and will say that I've felt instant relief.

I will add that I waited too long to try a chiropractor after a neck injury, and wish I'd gone in earlier. Also, later because I type for a living I became desperate when I could hardly move/sleep due to hand pain and later elbow/forearm pain. Nothing but massage helped my arm/elbow so I tried acupuncture the 1st time after seeing a TV show. My husband laughed at me, but I couldn't grip/move the steering wheel driving into the Dr's parking lot my 3rd treatment, and I literally walked out of the office PAIN FREE that day. I honestly could hardly believe it myself! I decided that the Chinese have been using some techniques for thousands of years, I'd give it a shot. It basically resets the nerve impulses.

Nothing is fixed in a couple minutes when you've been suffering long-term, it's worth trying chiro, acupuncture, massage and things like natural anti-inflammatory herbs like turmeric, ginger, etc and additional water to flush out impurities.

Relaxing the muscles with Epson salts (the magnesium relaxes the muscles), a short-term hot tub visit or warm baths help relax the muscles, but short-term ice calms inflammation, followed by short term heat to get blood flow to an area can help specific areas of inflammation and tenderness also.

Dec 24, 2018 · Throat pain right side only, sore right ear, nose sores 4 months in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@abbyk My 1st thought was that your family physician retest your bloods to be sure there isn't any changes and ensure no cancer, and tumor pressing etc, just to ensure nothing else medically going on.

If not and everything tends to be on one side still, my 2nd thought was it sounds like you are off balance like Jennifer mentioned so neurologically, it's affecting one side of your body. It's amazing what a good chiropractic alignment can do, but I'd add massage therapy to that for sure. I've also tried acupuncture. Mayo's Integrated Medicine does both, but will only see you 12 times for each. Insurance doesn't always pay. For massage, I found joining Massage Envy was cheaper. If misalignment is pressing on the nerves on one side, that will cause things to affect one side of the body.

When my neck was misaligned from a minor car accident, 9 months of PT didn't do much–strengthening only made things worse. It was just that I wasn't ready for PT yet. I'd also suffered with constant sinus infections. I was nervous having someone touch my neck, but someone who will be gentle would be wise. Once I got aligned, the nerves being compressed settled down and stopped headaches, ear and head pressure, jaw pain, upper back spasms, etc. besides the sore neck and back muscles.

The problem left though was given the time I spent crooked, the muscles on one side has shortened and the muscles on the other side of my spine had been stretched for so long that it took several months to slowly get them back in place. That's why I feel chiro only isn't enough.

If you are able, also try gentle yoga stretches, short warm baths in Epson salts to relax the muscles (brief hot tub/steam room), and lots and lots of water.
I was also advised to watch how I slept, so I wasn't tilting my neck one direction for hours while I slept nor having one arm up, either adding to neck and shoulder strain. I had to switch to starting off as a back sleeper, with a softer and less filled pillow to support my neck and not tilt my neck at any angle, and a pillow under my knees; then when shifting to my side, to be sure again my neck was supported but not tilted and the pillow moved between my knees to ensure my hips stayed even and didn't pull on my back. All that helps keep the spine aligned.

I wish you the best.

Sep 24, 2018 · Video Q&A about Screening and Treatment Options for Gynecologic Cancers in Gynecologic Cancers

My half-sister (via mother) was only 22 when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and had her organs removed, spiraling her to early menopause.
My question is: I wondered if there's a genetic predisposition? Does her cancer increase the likelihood that my daughters and I could get cervical cancer? What do those numbers look like?

What about her two daughters?
Also, is there any connection of cervical cancer to breast cancer? My daughters' grandmother (their father's side) has had ductal breast cancer twice and their great-grandmother (her mother) died of breast cancer in her 60's.
Thank you!