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Sep 26, 2013 · Electroconvulsive Therapy for Treatment Resistant Depression in Depression & Anxiety

hi, i have a history with major depression for ~20 years. I’m 41 now. a few years ago it got so bad i went into the hospital and there i had ect treatments. they helped! a few months later the depression returned and i had another set of ect treatments and a few maintenance ones (~1/mo) for a few months after. I was well for almost three years. the last several months i have gotten increasingly down though. i am functional as in still going to work but very lackluster and worried about my performance. i have trouble getting out of bed and though i never have had great confidence i feel particularly awful about myself. i know i am not as bad as i was when i went to the hospital a few years back. i’ve been back on meds a few months now w/o much effect. i am considering ect again but not even sure if i’m a candidate w/o being suicidal or unable to function. i still see friends, try to exercise.. it’s tough but i *can.* still, i really want to snap out of this. I seem to have no ambition. I feel weak considering such a major thing to snap me out of being down, but i’m worried how long this will last. ok i’m rambling but needed to talk and appreciate finding this thread. not sure if anyone’s still on it and i hope the best for all of you as i imagine you all have been there. ECT was so helpful when I was so so down before, but is it right now? I see the dr. next week we’ll see what he thinks. Discussion should anyone be on here might also help.