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Jun 26, 2013 · Chronic knee pain after knee replacement with excessive scar tissue formation in Joint Replacements

Surgery Oct 2012, 1st manipulation Jan 2013, 2nd manipulation (by different surgeon) March 2013. 2nd surgeon said I had inherited a gene from my mother causing excessive scar tissue. Was told to continue PT. PT said that I healed so fast they couldn’t treat me. Recently had follow up with surgeon. His reply to my question Is there any thing else that can be done? was he could cut my knee open & “loosen” my knee. If I have the left knee replaced, since they know about the scar tissue issue, they will put that knee in looser. I began therapy in Oct. & am still going. Surgeon’s first suggestion was that I have a series of pain shots because I might have Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy. I am on my 6th shot. The theory is that the pain causes the nerves to engulf other nerves. If the pain is controlled I will be able to withstand more aggressive therapy. The extraneous pain seems to be controlled ( pain in other knee, pain up thigh into groin, lower back pain on that side) but not the pain in my knee. No pain pill ever helped. I am receiving acupuncture but see no difference. In therapy my knee tends to range 45-75 degrees and it varies daily. I will not have another surgery because I can’t comprehend how that won’t cause more scar tissue or how he will know just how much to “loosen” my knee. Mentally I can not take much more. I hope this helps you, perhaps at least by knowing there is another is a similar situation.