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Apr 2, 2014 · Chronic inguinal pain in Chronic Pain

Hi Keri,
It is Fabiana from Brazil.
As I told you in other post, my pain also got worse last time I block my nerves.
Honestly, I don’t believe in this kind of treatment.
You said ” 2nd since my pain has been so intense for so long my body is developing central nerve sensitization or “spinal cord wind-up” UGG”
My doctor said the same thing to me. If this is your case, what does your doc suggested as treatment?
I’m so tired about my pain and I agree with you when you say that the doctors are not interested in treat our problem. I’m glad that I found dr Rogerio Adas and he is helping me on this fight.
I hope we can find a solution for our problem (ASAP).

Feb 6, 2014 · Chronic inguinal pain in Chronic Pain

\Hi Keri,
How are you? I’d like to know how is going your treatment? Any progress? Can you walk and drive without any problem?
Best wishes

May 19, 2013 · Chronic inguinal pain in Chronic Pain

Hi I’m from Brazil and I have pain in my rgith groin and right pubc area and it started just after a laparoscopy for severe endometriosis. My pain started 3 years ago but it is getting worse.
I went into many doctors and some of them have told me that it proably is some damage in ilioinguinal nerve and hypogastric nerve.
My pain stars into my abdome and goes down to my pubs and my leg.
They tried to block these nerves which provide some temporary relief to my pain in first, second and third tried but in my fourth try it didn’t work and my pain got worse.
I’m now doing a treatment in the best brazilian public hospital – Hospital das Clinicas.
i’m taking tramadol every 6 hours and Lyrica twice a day but this is not able to stop my pain. i’m also doing physiotherapy( trigger point massage) which provides me some relief.
This pain has changed my life because of this I’m using a walking stick, I can’t drive because the movement to accelerate and dent the car make my pain insupportable.
I don’t believe it is going to get better.
Do you know which test can diagnose for sure these nerves problem? Do you know different treatments rather toses that I already took?
Do you have problems to walk or drive?
Please help me because I have a little girl with 4 thar needs me and I’m not able to haldle daily tasks.