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Apr 26, 2013 · Need help with Mystery Illness--Possible Sjogren's Syndrome?? in Autoimmune Diseases

To be honest, the gluten challenge under circumstances you describe (becoming violently ill- which is also what I experienced when reintroducing it) is not something I would care to do again, insurance or no insurance! I think you have your answer – just make sure you take a high quality gluten free multivitamin and if possible talk to a nutritionist who knows the pitfalls of the gf diet – or at least read about it. One of the problems I had (possibly as a result of the gf challenge i did) was I became even more sensitive to gluten – meaning whereas previously I could eat corn tortillas heated on a griddle where wheat tortillas had been cooked previously – after the gf challenge doing this would give me symptoms of having been glutened. Word of warning – for some of us, the reaction to small amounts of gluten gets stronger the longer we are off the gluten. In ways I regret doing the challenge at all, and there is no way I would ever do it again. So maybe you are lucky the challenge is not a possibility right now. Thanks for writing back. I hope all goes well for you and your family!

Apr 26, 2013 · Syncope, low B12, chronic fatigue in Brain & Nervous System

Get tested for celiac disease, which can be triggered by pregnancy. That would explain all your symptoms including the low B12

Apr 26, 2013 · Need help with Mystery Illness--Possible Sjogren's Syndrome?? in Autoimmune Diseases

If you have issues with dehydration and elevated liver enzymes you should be tested for celiac disease. The dehydration was a problem for 3 family members (in my family) and one was even tested and diagnosed with diabetes insipidus. No stomach problems at all, no weight loss- we are all tall and in fact slightly overweight. Another family member (my brother) did not have issues with staying hydrated but he had the elevated liver enzymes. Then one (my son) was diagnosed with the celiac (screened for it due to acquiring another condition often associated with celiac). This led to the rest of us being diagnosed either celiac or gluten sensitive (you know you are gluten sensitive if you go off gluten strictly and feel great improvement and subsequently have a violent stomach reaction to gluten). Anyway I have yet to meet a doctor who associates the dehydration with celiac but I know many patients for whom such problems cleared off the gluten. The elevated liver enzymes are known to be associated and if you do have celiac then going gluten free should help that too. Get tested. Don’t go gluten free until you get tested or you will regret it! I was violently ill on the gluten challenge which was needed because I went gf without being tested first. Good luck.