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Apr 13, 2013 · "Electric Shock" type pain in my scalp! in Chronic Pain

WOW! I have this issue too! It’s been driving me crazy for two days now, and I can’t seem to explain it to anyone. Nobody understands when you tell them it feels like a shock going thru the nerves in one area of your scalp. It’s like a quick, painful and shock to the nerves that almost take my breath away each time it hits. Thank Goodness it only happens for a second or two, but it is drivng me crazy because it’s EVERY FEW SECONDS and ALL DAY LONG NOW!!!
I too have also had a strange “jumpy nerve” feeling on my arm in the past. It seems I have these painful and annoying nerve issues a couple times a year.

***Were you ever able to find out what caused your shocking nerve pain in your scalp? Please let me know!
Thanks so much for validating what I’m going thru!