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Jan 7, 2018 · ANAL FISTULA PROCEDURES in Digestive Health

As far as my family goes, it use to be a frequent thing for my grandmother, my mother would get them far and in between, sisters was just about the same. It was just when it hit me, I don't know if it was because of diet or what because younger me, 10-12 me, ate poorly. But the older I got my diet changed (sort of) the introduction of Crohn's Disease caused me to drop about 40lbs over 3 months. The things I use to love all tasted weird lol.

Wound Vac therapy is amazing. It worked for me, as much as it could. My body… is just a special kind of subject. So what they do is cut and place a foam like substance over the wound, not in it. Then there is a film to keep the it down and provide the vacuum. The wound vac is connected to the film and once you cut it on, it starts the suction. It can be a little uncomfortable but trust me when I say, if you have a hole or chronic non-healing wounds, it will bring it up to the surface. From there, you just have to dress it with whatever your doctor recommends. I here silver is still a go-to for some. It's silver something, can't think of it, someone may have to chime to help you with that. But once its level, I don't doubt a good bandage or gauze to do the trick. Thats how flush it'll get it.

To start using wound vac therapy, I had to be referred through a wound care clinic. Some can actually do it there. You have to get it changed every 3 days or so and it will stink. But the end result is worth it. They'll measure the depth every time you visit, which can be uncomfortable. But it works.

Peace and Blessings,

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Jan 7, 2018 · ANAL FISTULA PROCEDURES in Digestive Health

The surgeries can be an extremely terrifying experience,
trust me I've had plenty and am only 27. As far as dealing with
recurring abscesses and such, may I ask your ethnicity? Here is why I
ask, a skin condition known as hidradenitis is very rarely diagnosed or
in my experience, it took my adult life for someone to tell me. It is
predominate in African Americans but does largely affect others as well.
What will happen is you'll be fine for a while, then boom! Here's an
abscess. It can start at any age. I believe that's what you may have
going on. But I'm not a doctor, just someone who has been through a lot
and knows a little bit about things. For me I was very young and it
started under my armpits and then as I grew older moved to my pelvic
area. So basically anywhere that's warm and accumulates moisture. Oral
antibiotics never seemed to work for me and several hospital admissions
followed. I was given Zyvox after a surgery and it destroyed my white
blood cells. I was ill for a week. Had to go back and stay close to
another month.

I believe the worst thing to do is to make a
gaping hole and not pack it while it closes or stitch it such because
it leaves room for anything, especially staph, to blossom. One thing you
can do is fill it with Manuka honey. It's a little expensive, but it
was amazing with my healing. And if you didn't know, bacteria can not
grow in honey. Also look into a wound vac, any wound center should be
able to set you up on a path for that. That can be a total game changer.
Also feel free to tag me again, it is a very difficult and depressing
thing to deal with, but always make sure to live your best life despite
the cards you were dealt.

Peace and Blessings,

Mar 1, 2013 · C-diff infectios disease in Digestive Health

I take Remicade for my Crohn’s disease and supposedly it lowers my immune system but I get a boost of healing to my non-healing wounds, though it only last for 3-4 weeks and I get the med every 8wks. My wounds never heal. Its been 5 years! I’m only 22 so talk about a major hindrance. You only lost material things, well needed for sure, but there is a blessing coming in a major way for your suffering and your losses. Having diseases or illnesses as we have, only control our lives for what we can/can’t do. Its hard to push it all aside because of the pain. I lost a relationship because I was “using my illness as a crutch for why we didn’t do anything anymore” a fricking crutch. People do not know nor understand the pain unless they endure it. To seriously make my pain stop, I have to be in the hospital on IV dilaudid. You will get thru this, it us only a hiccup in the road. The one thing I hate about antibiotics is that wretched metallic taste on your tongue. They make everything taste weird and kept me nauseous. Nonetheless keep me posted!

Mar 1, 2013 · C-diff infectios disease in Digestive Health

C. Diff? No, but gastrointestinal issues, yes. I feel for you, stay hydrated with electrolytes as diarrhea can easily cause dehydration. Seems like they should be pumping you with IV antibiotics and pain meds to help you defeat it. Why haven’t they? If it get worse, it can become life-threatening. Hope you get well and feel better. A prayer for a speedy recovery love.

Mar 1, 2013 · When your Diagnosis is......CRAZY- in Digestive Health

The panic attacks while sleeping, the dizzy spells, the impaired vision all sound like Neuro-Syncope my GF deals with this. She’s on Risperdone, Xanax, and something else. Check with a neurologist get a head-tilt test and you will have some form of answer I’m almost positive.

Mar 1, 2013 · Stomach problems after Jaw Surgery in Women's Health

Not sure about the jaw surgery part, and I’m no Dr. either, have they tested you for gastrointestinal illnesses? The stomach pain after eating reminds me of my illness. Have them do a Colonoscopy to see what its looking like in there. But you issue seem gastric related. Best of luck to you.

Mar 1, 2013 · Minimum Daily Caloric Intake in Women's Health

I don’t know specific numbers as it varies from what I’ve read but to look more toned you would have reduce ur body fat. Eating more lean could help, as well as fasting. However I do not mean starve a whole day, I mean cutting back on your caloric intake on a specific day of your choice, if you generally eat 2000 calories a day, then on your fast, eat 1000. Just a thought however, only a thought.

Mar 1, 2013 · Gastroparesis - gastric pacemaker doesn’t help! in Digestive Health

With Crohn’s disease I cant/don’t eat a lot of foods as I use to. One thing that I’ve actually fallen I love with, and its packed with protein, is Bolthouse Farms’ Chocolate Protein Plus. Its great, also the Strawberry Banana is delicious as well. Essentially a good look for vitamins as well. Try it out, if you get nauseous, ask the Dr. for Zofran or Phenigan (sp?) Both work great with nausea. Best of luck to you!