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Tue, Jun 9 3:19am · extreme outer ear pain in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Omg. I wear glasses and now remember getting glasses around same time as start of my ear pain. Never considered.. Will ask my allergy dr when i see him.

Tue, Jun 9 3:14am · extreme outer ear pain in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Interesting question. I shall have to research. Will post if i find anything worth noting

Mon, Jun 8 2:42am · extreme outer ear pain in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

@hippygrandma. Hi. Just thought I'd give u my experience w the ear pain. Had it since i was in my late 40's. Am now 76. As i got older it became worse. Also have allergies. Also started in late 40 s. Never made connection. Allergies would make me very sick day after flying. Allergist suggested i double up on my allergy pills. Was taking generic once a day. So i did. Could fly again without getting sick. For some reason i kept taking 2 pills. Last fall my left ear no longer hurt at all. A month later the right one stopped hurting. I've thought about it and the only thing different that i did was the allergy pills. BTW the doc said he thought my cartilage behind each ear was inflamed. But he had no cure. I had lots of tests done. No results showing anything wrong. I stopped doubling up on allergy pills. It started to come back. Resumed the two pills. Went away again. Currently on the 2 pills. Periodically I'll try the 1 pill. But it keeps coming back. This may not b the answer for u but i can lay on both ears ..no pain. It's wonderful. Good luck to u hope u find an answer.

Tue, May 5 3:35pm · extreme outer ear pain in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I tried ibuprofen several times . did not work for me….but could for you. I used feather pillows so I could punch hole where my ear would be. once a day I was taking two allergy pills cetirizine which is generic for Zyrtec. keep in mind that my idea that mine was allergy related is just my guess since nothing else changed in my routine or medical situations. my allergies started approx. 30 years ago so it would be logical that inflammation and pain was related to that. also, after the pain was gone, and I started to go to one pill a day instead of two, in couple of weeks my right ear (bad one) started to feel like it was coming back. I quickly went to 2 pills a day again. after a couple of weeks, went back to one a day. it has not come back since that time, last fall. I am so lucky. by the way I used to get up in middle of night when pain woke me and sit up for about 5 minutes or so. pain would go away. later I discovered if I massaged around outside of ear it would go away faster. started softly and increased pressure as I could tolerate it. I wonder if inflammation of cartilage can occur for many reasons. when I was at ENT and he mentioned about the inflamed cartilage, he said "buy the highest thread count of pillow casing, that should help". I could not understand how that could be but did buy it as he suggested. shortly after that all pain was gone. I can't imagine that the thread count could have done it. but it's wonderful to sleep on …ha ha. good luck to you.

Mon, May 4 2:24am · extreme outer ear pain in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

I had the same pain. Both ears for 30 years. Found that when i woke up from pain i could massage the ear area mostly in rear gently at first and eventually harder. Pain would go away. BUT…i want to tell u what happened last fall. I have bad allergies and ent told me we have cartilage behind the ear which can get inflamed and it will cause this pain although there was no solution to get rid of inflammation. My previous ent ..now retired…advised me to double up on allergy pills if i flew starting couple days before.. Flying would get me very ill w severe allergy symptoms. I did and it worked. But i kept taking double doses for several months. Last fall i no longer had pain in one ear. I was ecstatic. After 30 years i could lay on my left ear. A month later my right ear no longer hurt. I've thought a lot about this and only thing i can figure that my pain was due to the inflammation which was allergy related and the double doses healed it because nothing else had changed. I didn't dare stop double doses afraid it would come back. Couple months later did go back to one pill only. To this day my pain has not come back. This may not b everyone's problem. But who knows.

Nov 26, 2019 · extreme outer ear pain in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Kevin1234: MY PAIN IS GONE!!!! so Kevin. let me tell you my experience. have had terrible pain both ears for 20+ yrs when I sleep on them, especially the right ear. dr sent me for xrays, to Ent, to another Ent. no one had answer all looked at me funny as if I was nuts. also have acid reflux and very bad allergies for which I take generic Zyrtec. in meantime allergist retired and new one said we have a pocket of cartilage behind each ear which probably had become inflamed for all those yrs. that's why when I would massage behind ear gently at first then aggressively I would hear crackling. new doc said that was the cartilage breaking up. about 2 yrs ago I told my old allergist about getting very sick after plane ride. he suggested doubling up my allergy pills. BTW this allergist also had no answer about ears. because the next allergy season was so bad I kept taking double dozes of pills. I first noticed (about august of 2019) that my left ear was no longer painful to lay on. still did not make connection. then about 2 months later (late september 2019) the right ear was no longer painful. UNBELIEVABLE…..after 20+ years!!! but, during October, I had a very bad allergy day and my right ear (which had been the bad, bad one) started to hurt when I laid on it. so I decided to experiment. stopped taking allergy pills (in past only took allergy pills in summer). it took approx. 3 weeks (just a week ago) that my pain came back not as bad as before but bad enough to notice and only in right side. I got so scared it was coming back that I got up from bed and immediately took allergy pills. next day it was gone again. so….what does that tell you? I think everyone has this pain for different reason, but perhaps someone might have for same reason as mine and could benefit from my experience. BTW, your reference to acid reflux is very interesting and could very well be an answer for others.

Feb 11, 2019 · extreme outer ear pain in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

good luck celeste. let me know if it works.

Feb 2, 2019 · extreme outer ear pain in Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Thanks celeste. Will do. Appreciate ur time researching.