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Wed, Nov 6 10:52pm · Changes in skull shape in Bones, Joints & Muscles

I have noticed some changes in my head shape, especially along the front hairline and hehind my ears. I thought it was my imagination until I read about other people who had this. Has anybody else experienced this? Thanks

Tue, Aug 20 9:59pm · Is It Stress? in Mental Health

Hello. I have a lot of health issues, so I have posted in different areas. I feel very much on the edge lately. I don’t know if I am really losing my mind or if it is the effects of a lot of stress. Thanks.

Wed, Mar 6 4:31pm · Botox injection for swallowing issues - Debating Surgery in Digestive Health

I haven’t posted in awhile. I have a swallowing problem which is getting worse. I suppose the next step is a feeding tube but I am not sure I want that. I have had botox in my esaphagus which made things worse. I have had a heart pacemaker put in that had to be redone, and I have had cataract surgery and am still having eye problems. So I am not sure of any more surgeries of any kind. I am 77 so maybe it is just time to let go.

Thu, Jan 17 1:40pm · Visual Snow: Anyone experience this? in Eye Conditions

I truly pray for help for your daughter. It must be so frustrating, especially at her age. I had cataract surgery 2years ago and recently had an experience of seeing different patterns – net on the walls, snowing in my livingroom, etc. was told it was floaters. I finally found a doctor who lasered buildip from my artificial lens. That ey was perfect but now the other eye is very blurry. I don’t have an apt till the end of Feb. i know this is not your daughter’s problem. I wish it were because it is easy to fix. I have ocular migraines several times a day. I know none of this helps but i do understand what all of you are going through. I will keep her in prayer.

Thu, Jan 17 1:14pm · Bad nights and dreams in Mental Health

Thank you. I will check out those links. They sound helpful. I have had a sleep study. The first one my heart rate fell to 20 and I now have a pacemaker. I redid the study and was told I don’t have apnea. Thank you so much. I will give an update.

Thu, Jan 17 1:09pm · Bad nights and dreams in Mental Health

I had never heard of EMDR. It sounds interesting, different. If you try it, let me know.

Thu, Jan 17 1:05pm · Bad nights and dreams in Mental Health

Thank you. I try to avoid meds if I can because of reactions to them. It seems to be a family thing.that makes it hard for me and for my doctors. I may see the psychologist to see if she can help without meds.

Thu, Jan 17 12:57pm · Bad nights and dreams in Mental Health

Thank you for your reply. I will check out the discussions you mentioned. Yes, I have had side effects with the meds. I think my trouble breathing comes from the phlegm. I don’t know if that is alergies or if it has to do with GERD. I have read acid can cause the phlegm. Thank you for your help.