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Tue, Nov 14 4:47pm · Esophagus issues in Digestive Health

Thank you for your reply. I have been concerned about Barrett’s esophagus but this extreme has only been for a few days. I have had swallowing problems and esophageal cramps for sometime. I am afraid it may be awhile before I can see the doctor. I wish you well with your problems.

Tue, Nov 14 2:40pm · Esophagus issues in Digestive Health

No, I haven’t. I was in the ER for over six hours yesterday. They did an EKG and some other tests.

Tue, Nov 14 1:29pm · Esophagus issues in Digestive Health

I haven’t posted on Mayo Connect for some time. I had some issues and had a pacemaker put in 5 weeks ago. had some complications, not with the pacemaker but other things. I am still not doing so well. Lately when I get up in the morning I have very excessive saliva, nausea and pain in the chest. Around noon it clears up. What is going on? Has anyone else experienced this? Through all of this I have lost at least 10 pounds and I was already underweight. I have been referred to a gastroenterologist but don’t have an apt yet. Thanks for any info or help you can offer.

Sun, Oct 1 10:19am · Pacemaker recipients. in Heart & Blood Health

Thank you for the reply. It is very helpful and encouraging. I was thinking if I had to be awake, I would not do it. I was awake for a cataract. That was like 5 or10 minutes, not hours. It really scares me. But I am so extremely tired and so sick, I think I will have to have it done. I have known the surgeon for a long time. Just not sure about this type of surgery. Plus, we had a slight falling out a few years back over lung surgery that my PC chose the surgeon. I am told this is the only surgeon in this area that does this. I appreciate prayers and all the info I can get. The whole thing terrifies me.

Fri, Sep 29 6:10pm · Pacemaker recipients. in Heart & Blood Health

Thank you. I know my daughter’s father-in-law has his checked remotely. I do feel a little anxiety about the surgeon who will do it. I have known him a long time and believe he is a good surgeon but am not sure about this procedure. I am told he is the only one that does it in this area. I am also concerned about being awake for the procedure. I was told by the doctor’s office that they would put me to sleep but I have read that they don’t. I was awake for cataract surgery and don’t want that.I have concerns about doing it and about not doing it.

Fri, Sep 29 12:34pm · Pacemaker recipients. in Heart & Blood Health

Thank you. That is helpful and encouraging. I have heard of the ICD. I know I am afraid to not have a pacemaker. For my family if nothing else. I had the sedation thing for cataracts but I don’t think that would be enough for having my heart wired. I have a lot of questions for the doctor but in the end, I think I will have to have it done. Thank you for sharing.

Fri, Sep 29 10:56am · Pacemaker recipients. in Heart & Blood Health

I am planning to get a pacemaker because my heart gets out of rhythm. But the more I read about it, the more afraid I am. First, I read that you are awake during the procedure. I don’t think I could do that. The feelings and meds and other things that might happen worry me. Also, cell phones, computers, etc. obviously you can use them but what are the restrictions? I do think a support group would be very helpful but I may end up choosing not to have a pacemaker after all.

Fri, Sep 29 7:19am · New diagnosis, sick sinus syndrome in Heart & Blood Health

Yes, thank God, I did wake up this morning. I know a lot of people deal with this every day. I probably wouldn’t be so afraid if it weren’t for the sleep study episode. They were pulling on me and yelling at me and rushing me down to the ER. I have another sleep study this Tuesday! So we will see. I am not sure I need the CPAP yet. My grandson wears one and it helps him a lot.