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Thu, Mar 5 6:29pm · Eyes getting out of focus and dizziness in Eye Conditions

Thank you. I have an eye apt Apr 2. I will post again afterthat. Thank you. I will check out the link.

Thu, Mar 5 6:27pm · Eyes getting out of focus and dizziness in Eye Conditions

I have an eye apt April 2. I hope they can help. Thank you.

Sat, Feb 29 12:23pm · Eyes getting out of focus and dizziness in Eye Conditions

I have been having trouble with my eyes but today is very bad. When I do close work ,like this, my eyes get out of focus and I get dizzy. It is very scary and I can’t do much for very long. Thank you.

Thu, Feb 20 8:00pm · Slow degradation of my vision. Seeing a retina specialist in Eye Conditions

Still having eye problems. The last few days, sometimes I see a purple smudge on things. Like the leaves of a houseplant may look purple or something like that. I saw my eye doctor Wednesday but she had nothing new to offer. I see her again in Dec. i am considering seeing another doctor. Just wondering about this odd purple business.

Tue, Feb 4 10:01am · Gastroparesis in Digestive Health

I was just diagnosed with “lazy stomach” as the doctor called it. I refuse to take Reglan tho they all keep pushing me to. Mostly, I just live with it, like most of my other woes. A dietitian told me that lemon or vinegar helps taken before meals but I haven’t really tried that. I sometimes take warm lemon water in the morning but to loosen phlegm.

Mon, Feb 3 9:19pm · Achalasia in Digestive Health

I am very interested in this subject as I too suffer from it. But first, congrats to the new grandparent. And I am so sorry for what all of you are going thru. My swallowing problem started when I was a teenager. I am 75. At first it was just some kinds of meat but it gradually worsened. In my late 20’s I had a few weeks when I could not eat at all. After neurological tests, the doctor said he didn’t know, just hoped it didn’t get worse. I have more trouble with liquids but food depends a lot on the texture. I have had my esophagus stretched many times but no help. They are now telling me I may eventually have to have a feeding tube. I also have acid reflux up into my ears and sinus. I cannot swallow pills at all, must be liquid or crushed. I have been advised to see a speech therapist but none of my doctors seem to want to do that. I guess I have survived all these years, hopefully, I can go a few more. But I am interested in learning more about the surgeries and new treatments.

Dec 7, 2019 · Osteopetrosis (dense bones): Anyone know about this? in Bones, Joints & Muscles

Well, my doctor told me this was entered by mistake. Yeah! But it does happen to adults. It seems to be a gene thing. One of sisters was once told she had Pagets but I don’t think she did. I know my osteoporosis is very bad. I can’t take the usual meds so I am only taking calcium and Vitamin D.