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Nov 22, 2012 · Adult ADHD in Mental Health

Interesting connections. I, too have depression and have had it for many years. Depression/anxiety. I am also a super creative person (majored in art prior to becoming a teacher), and i understand, completely your struggle with focus during conversations. I get so upset with myself when i find that i’ve wandered off in my mind and missed chunks of conversation. And isn’t it sooo rude if i say, i totally missed the last two minutes of what you said?!

I also have a Vitamin D deficiency. I did the daily Vitamin D and it didn’t work for me. Then the dr. tried a short dose of higher amounts, but again it went up, but only temporarily. So now i’m on 50,000iu once a week and it seems to be doing well. Apparently some bodies just don’t absorb it like it should.

I don’t have any answers for you regarding the new medications. I had tried something similar to ritalin once and i felt like i was on speed. I had to stop or I would have likely lost my job! I may try this new Vyvanse. I have heard good things. Maybe my house would then be cleaned up, my art projects would get completed, and my anxiety would decrease?!!