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Nov 8, 2012 · Dystonia - triggers that suppress symptoms of dystonia in Brain & Nervous System

Hello everyone,

A dear friend has generalized dystonia.
And in a conversation with her I was surprised to hear that her painful neck
muscle contractions actually subsided and even relaxed her muscles to the point she could again turn her head.

She recently came down with a common cold which i was amazed to hear that when she does catch a cold it completely relieves the tension on her neck and can actually return her head to a normal position.
She also mentioned that she finds relief believe it or not when she has to yawn.

Has anyone heard of this happening?

I am not a doctor. But, I am wondering if there is a place where these episodes are documented by those with dystonia or similar disorders? I see there is information about “triggers” that may cause or make the condition worse.

Would anyone reading this or someone who would know if there is such a web site, or blog, or any other society that follows this phenomena of dystonia symptoms being suppressed by the common cold? Or a yawn?