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Nov 23, 2012 · alot, depressed ,upset, worried & not well in Just Want to Talk

Dear Susan as I read your comments concerning the things/ ailments that you are dealing with my heart really felt your emotional and mental pain…I too have lymphedema in my left leg, which if not managed properly can swell the affected limb or body part to ultra extreme proportions because of the excessive lymphatic fluid that has accumalated…I have perioral dermatitis, which is a terrible skin condition that is very difficult to treat. This life-changing skin disease has caused much isolation on my part when it comes to outsisde activities and contact with others. Every thing I eat or drink seems to make it worse. Flouride which is in just about everything that a person eats or drinks triggers bad outbreaks of my PD with a vengence. I have TMAU which very few people and doctors know about. I am gonna try and start a discussion about TMAU as well as Perioral dermatitis to find how others in a literal and practical way are coping with these three horrific ailments. TMAU is the most devasting of the three things I’m dealing with beacuse your hygiene is always called into question…even as I type this it is to painful and embarrassing to give details about it. I will say this much that TMAU is caused by a mutation in the FMO3 gene, and is inherited in an autosomal recessive pattern. I really dont know what all this means, all I know is all three of these things can put your life on hold if you allow them to. All three of these ailments can cause continuous deep depression, anxiety, stress and worry.
Susan I use to angry about these terrible conditions that has wreaked havoc and ridicule in my life. But now Im coping successfully with all three. It is only and I mean ONLY by means of my close relationship with GOD in my life that has carried me through the stares and degrogatory or unkind gestures that often come from others when im in their presence. I’ve learn to see these ones as persons lacking knowledge and understanding of a situation. I see that these ones lack compassion for the lowly one or underdog if you will…then Jehovah helps me to see that if these ones had heartfelt knowledge of my condition, if they had real heartfelt compassion and understanding then they would reach out and show personal interest in others.

Nov 21, 2012 · Unknown Body Odor in Digestive Health

Good for you Deprest, im happy that you do not have TMAU. This thing is a terrible condition to have. Keep on looking and doing research on your situation to find out the problem, the answer is out there somewhere and someone has information and answers that will be able to help you. I hope and pray you have success. Also, thank you for answering my reply.

Nov 7, 2012 · Unknown Body Odor in Digestive Health

Hi Deprest this is Jackie again, I also agree with you about keeping yourself clean and fresh. Ive had this embarrassing condition all my life and just recently found out I have TMAU.You can take a “hundred” showers a day and be squeaky clean….and you will at times smell like high heaven. We are missing a vital component in our bodies. This component, which I forgot the name of is listed when you look up the site concerning TMAU. Anyway, this vital component is what stops the strong odors from coming thru our breath and skin or pores….Sometimes the odor can be so strong that others can smell you from across a room!….the typical hand over the nose, a glaring look, the backing away from you or cutting the conversation short as well as other dead giveaways let you know that people can smell you. Deprest what gives me peace and contentment with myself is a close relationship with God and a lot of prayer. I learned from an examination from the Bible that terrible chronic conditions like ours will a things of past one day soon……Isaiah 33:24…..that verse keeps me focused on the real important things in life. It gives me a hope for the future. Until then I keep myself busy with doing volunteer work that helps other deal with the “critical times” we are living in. Remember Deprest GOD promises to be there for those of us who are crushed at heart and bowed low because of this terrible condition call TRIMETHYLAMINURIA. Isaiah 41:10,13…

Nov 7, 2012 · Unknown Body Odor in Digestive Health

Dear Deprest,
I have the same horrendous condition you have. Others can smell or detect the sickening, foul smell but I cant! However, sometimes I get a wiff of how I smell and I can under why people are staying away or avoiding me. The condition you, I and other suffers have is called: TRIMETHYLAMINURIA, TMAU for short. Slang terms for this life altering condition are: Poop breath (Your body and breath smell like a bad case of poop and rotten onions). Fish odor syndrome (Your body smells like rotting fish), and other undesirable terms are attached to our condition….Deprest, I try to watch my diet and do the necessary things to keep myself healthy. Its not easy keeping a positive disposition with this embarrassing condition we have but there are things that can be done to minimize the odors coming fro
m our body.
BLACK TEA ALONE is well known and documented for destroying bad breath and body odors. BLACK TEA also kills foot ordor. There are many sites and forums dealing with our condition. Simply type in TMAU or TRIMETHYLAMINURIA and all kinds of info will come up. Dairy products are a no no, yet dont completely deprive myself of them. Beans, cabbage, colas, sugar, and just about everything we like will be off limits with this condition. However, BALANCE IS NEEDED.