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Oct 25, 2012 · Lupus in Skin Health

I have had Lupus since 2004. My hands were causing me pain and they did an ANA. At first it was not too bad, some soreness and rash. But I also have fibromyalgia so I got a lot more pain from that. I had positive ANA but then I also had 8 out of the 10 items that go along with Lupus. Right now I am in a Lupus flare and it is causing me depression. I do not feel like doing anything because I hurt. It has also had a turn-around. It is effecting my red platelets. They believe the when new platelets are made, lupus is attacking them thinking they are bad. So my blood counts are way off and almost to the point that they are going to do bone marrow just to make sure it is not leukemia and that it is Lupus for sure. It is really important to find the right doctor. I really like my doctor right now, she is a rheumy but specializes in Lupus. If I have something weird going on I can call and they will get me right in. And she listens to me. And works with me with the FMS. And she follows up with blood work and right now really watches my blood work. I have such muscle aches that I cannot pick up a pot of coffee. She did a bone density and that also had gotten worse. I have terrible fatigue. Some days I get up for about an hour and then go lay down and can sleep for another 2-3 hours. But I do not sleep well at night even with help with pills. My joints will lock on me and I wake up and then I am in a lot of pain for a while. But hang in there. I figure that is all I can do. I worry about my platelets right now. I am seeing a hematologist which she suggested and they are both keeping tabs on me.