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Oct 16, 2012 · I am happy that I have some new friends that I can in Just Want to Talk

I am happy that I have some new friends that I can talk to and that can relate back to me. I am a very open and honest person and if you have any questions, I will be glad to share with you also, thank you….having a tired day but stable, Cheryl

Oct 16, 2012 · Oh my, I understand that lonely feeling when no one gets what in Just Want to Talk

You need to ask for a simple Blood test for Ebstien Barr Virus…..that is confirmation of Chronic fatigue, It saps all of your energy and will usaully stay present in your system even if it is in a remission stage. They cannot DO anything for it, but….you sure do deseve the common curtesy of having it verified. Take B12, it helps a weee bit, but not much. Everything seems too be interconnected and it is a constant cycle of one thing or anouther….god forbid the days of everything at once. I am happy to meet you Sarah… : ) I love your smile and I am sure you take any good day and get the most out of it, even if you have to pay for the next days…lol. I know I do! I decided to try this site cause I have no one else that knows how it feels…..my name is Cheryl, Hello Sarah!

Oct 16, 2012 · Hi, my name is Cheryl and I have Fibromyalsia or FMS, I in Just Want to Talk

Hi, my name is Cheryl and I have Fibromyalsia or FMS, I also have CFS…which is Chronic Fatigue Syndrom. I have IBS, Anxiety Dissorder, Depression and have Myocolonic siezures caused by stress. I have not worked since 2003. My Illness began with EBV….Ebstien Barr Virus. It is like having Accute Mono, But, you are copmletely sapped of all energy and can’t function. So far, there are no cures. There are different things that you can try, but none last for long and the longer you have it, the more sensitive you become to any medication and the more symptoms you get. Every day is different, every week and every changing of the seasons. I started getting sick in 1993 after I had a major stressor when my son was very ill and allmost died, that was my trigger. Water therapy is the best form of exersize you can do, that does not hurt you, and heat therapy. Keep hoping….I do, It is an awfull thing that has stolen my life. On a good day…WOW, I try to enjoy every bit of it…it’s so nice to feel normal even if it is for a short time, I’ll take it! @fibrovictory

Oct 14, 2012 · Fibromyasia in Just Want to Talk

It is really hard to handle the pain some times..but, worse when know one knows what you go thru. Do you have support?

Oct 14, 2012 · Fibromyasia in Just Want to Talk

You need to ask your doc to run a simple Blood Test for the EBV Virus…it’s like severe Momno (CFS…or Chronic Fatigue Syndrom) and goes hand in hand with FMS. Any Changes in weather or routines will flair up FMS..and most drugs have an Adverse Effect, so your hubby was right about not wanting you on just any med the give you. Thay still do not know the why and the how to fix….so we are test subjects. I use a heat pad under my shoulders every nite. During the day I use lots of either menthol rubs “OR” opt for Thermal Care Heat pads as they worrk for up to10 hours. I put the neck ones….One across each shoulder next to both sides of the neck and the I take the x=large back one and put it just under the other two to get the knots under the shoulder blades. I then wrap it around my chest and hook it in front witha soft bra holding all in place. My hubby helps me put them on as I cannot reach back there..It is the best long lasting relief I get without any meds. Do not use with rubs…it will burn your skin, but…you can wear them out under your clothes, or to bed for a good nites rest…the effects last untill your muscles bunch up again.

Oct 14, 2012 · Fibromyasia in Just Want to Talk

FMS, CMS, IBS, AXIETY DISORDER, DEPRESSION,HIVES ans SEISURES. Sensitivity to light, noise, smells, soaps, plants and meds. It began with the Ebstein Barr Virus….

Oct 12, 2012 · I have Fibromyalsia, before I was diagnosed correctly I had 3 different in Just Want to Talk

I have Fibromyalsia, before I was diagnosed correctly I had 3 different episodes of Extreem Fatigue and anxiety attacks. I went to doc after doc trying to find out why I suddenly felt like I was dying. I had them take every blood test possible…AIDS, LUPUS, HEPETItOUS A-All of them, LYME Disease…ect., They fially found out I had EBSTIEN BARR VIRUS…ACCUTE. I asked what that was and they said “Nothing We Can DO Anything About”…here are some Antidepressants…Thank you and Goodbye! I had to do my own research to find out what Ebsien Barr Virus was….It’s the closest thing too Mono…But Worse. Only time can bring you back from this illness and put you into remission. It took a long time…6-9 months. I got it again a few years later and again was only symptom treated for the now present depression, IBS and anxiety, nothing for the fatigue…just rest. I worked 6 days a week, had 2 kids and my husband was allways working out of town. We had pets and a home to take care of and I was diagnosed with Endometriousos and Cervical Stenosis….Overwhelmed was an understatement. I delt with these issues one by one….but Ironically even though I made changes to my lifestyle…I ended up colapsing completely from exhaustion a third time in 2003, and by then I was also obese. My sypmtoms began in 1993. I had Acuute Ebstein Barr again…multiple upper respitiory infections…even pnomonia that I needed hospitalization for. By now I had at least 5 different doctors…and they decided to give me Effexor XL…they had given me Lexapro, Paxil, Prozac and others. The meds did not help…they made me worse..I was exhausted to the point of collapse and then the meds would not let me sleep…I was getting really stressed and anxious..I told the doctors it was the meds…they decided I need more and raised the dosage, they sent me to a sleep study….my brain would not shut down to rest…I told them again..”ITS THE MEDS”..they decided I needed more and raised the dosage so high I was crawling out of my skin and was litteraly a crying basket case. I told them..the meds are making me worse…They raised it again, this time I did “NOT” Take the new doseage. But the damage was done and I wanted to die…I had reached the point of no-return, no hope and could not take anouther day of this miserable life. My sister called and I told her I was done…she immediately sent my parents too me and called the doc to admit me into the psych ward to get off the meds. During the admittance exam…I was shockingly told that the Ambulance was on the way cause my blood pressure was so high that I was going too Stroke out any minute. OMG…..New Nightmare….5 doctors and no-one ever told me i had high blood pressure????? Really! Finaly I got taken off those meds, put on a low dose of prozac…which had the least side affects for me…AGAIN..A LOW DOSAGE! Islowly returned to feeling like a human being, I was able to sleep again….I got myself an Advocate, Licenced Therapist and a Psychiatrist that worked together..and they helped me to slowly regain some of my life back and helped me realize that I was not going to ever have it all back. At least it was honest help and NOBODY could play God with my Mental health Again….If the doctor you see is not a mental health pyscician…then they should NOT perscribe you ANY TYPE OF PSYC MEDS!!!!! Period!!!!! @hopeless