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Sep 24, 2012 · Help, I'm new to community. Does anyone experience Dresslers Syndrome Pericarditis pain in chest along with Fibromalysia and possible Lupus? in Autoimmune Diseases

Allie Sue, OMG – I hope there is a way for you to get this reply. Your message is screaming familial Mediterranean fever. This condition is almost never diagnosed correctly. The fastest answer will come from a colchicine trial – it is the only definitive “test” for FMF- it is more definitive than genetic tests. No matter your age or your ethnic background – anyone can get this disease even though the medical texts describe a narrowly defined risk group. The fact that your son has symptoms of fibro fits too. It is a cameleon disorder and presents in a variety of ways looking like lupus, fibromylagia, recurrent peritonitis, recurrent pericarditis or pleuritis, recurrent fevers, joint inflammataion with rashes. You have got it Allie Sue and the good news is that it is totally treatable. It is very important that you AND your son get treated to avoid the most serious manifestation of FMF – amyloidosis. It is also important for the time being to order your colchicine from Canada since there are problems for FMF patients from the only brand soldi n the US. Please pop over to the Yahoo.com familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) support group for lots of help. Crossing my fingers for you Allie Sue, Janine