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Sep 13, 2012 · I think I might be depressed; how do I ask my mom for help? in Depression & Anxiety

Dear friend,
I’m an educator. You can go back to school. Every college has a Disability Department; I used to work in a couple, UC Berkeley, and Merritt College in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can re-enroll as a disabled student and choose ANY program you wish as the college has to, by law, accommodate your special needs.
AND having a pace maker and heart disease qualifies you as having a legitimate disability.
First, start with an appointment with your cardiologist. Tell him/her, you want to go back to school. Have them fill out the necessary paper work that designates you as having a medically necessary adapted school schedule. If you had a student loan, you can go on medical deferment. You are an adult, so I would suggest seeing your doctor first, who then can explain to your mother that all kinds of things occur with heart problems, including mood changes and behavior changes. If your mother can’t or won’t be emotionally available, the medical community and groups of people with heart disease are. There are people with handicaps who are doing amazing things in amazing fields….you just need the right people on your side. Right now it’s the medical community. Of course probably are clinically depressed; your cardiologist can help here too. I am rooting for you. If you are back in school, remember accommodations must be made so you can achieve your goals, in whatever field you choose.
There are psychiatrists and psychologists who specialize in working with people who have physical disabilities or health issues. Go to the NAMI website and try to find someone in your area. Good luck and keep us all informed.

Sep 13, 2012 · I've lost everything - got into the painkiller thing and got addicted in Mental Health

Dear Rick, I see there are many people who responded to your post. So look at this as new friends, new family. Are you in a twelve step program, have you formally, in person, or by letters apologized to your wife and family for any harm that you may have done; I’m working on this myself, because I have panic disorder and to many it seems as if one doesn’t care. You had a big responsibility that became too much; you are human; we are all vulnerable to addiction, bad behavior, etc. As we are gifted with reason, therefore we are cursed with unreason and behaviors that we never thought possible. You are a human being with worth. You can rebuild. Especially with children who have or may face trouble in their lives someday. Know the difference between being bad and bad behavior. With all you’ve done, you are not a bad person, you just succumbed to bad behavior, and addiction to pain killers is not a sin, or a crime, just destructive. And now you are not doing that anymore. When you feel at your worst, call the hotlines, the crisis lines; the people on them have been where you are or know someone who has been. Go to a group, you are not alone. The posts show you that.