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Sep 11, 2012 · 4 months Post Op from Gasric Bypass Surgery :) in Just Want to Talk

I’m still having a really tough time eating solid foods. I still throw up at least 75 pct of the time after I eat only 3 or 4 bites. I just want to know if anybody still had or has this issue. I asked my doctor, he said its normal. I also still can not eat vegetables, solid fruit, or any meat, pasta or untoasted bread.

Sep 11, 2012 · Bipolar and prescribed medication only tested in schizophrenia? in Mental Health

2 months I went to my regular monthly psychiatric visit and my doctor gave me a box of pills, to try. I took them home and read the info in the box. It said the pill (Latuda) was only tested on patients with schizophrenia. I am not schizophrenic, have never exhibited any of those symptoms. I did not take them. I went back to see him last month, he asked me if I was taking the new medication, I said no. I thoroughly explained what I had read and saw about it on the internet and said “I do not have schizophrenia”… long story short, he re-prescribed them to me, told me to take them and let him know how I feel next month. I have been taking it and do not notice any “changes”…. He also claims they are for BOTH schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Should I be taking this medication, trusting the doctor, or am I crazy for actually ingesting this pill?

Sep 11, 2012 · My wife is suffering from schizophrenia, hearing voices, seeing things in Mental Health

Hi Shmoo I have a very close friend who suffers from Schitzophrenia. The doctor recently changed his antipsychotic and has been doing GREAT! He was doing very poorly while he was taking the same pill for many,many years (it was not working anymore) He is now talking Latuda 40mg as well as 1500mg of Depakote and Seroquel @ night. He says since he started the Latuda he has seen a big improvement, and so have I. Can’t hurt to inquire about it 🙂 Good Luck