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Thu, May 14 1:47pm · Living with Prostate Cancer: Meet others & introduce yourself in Prostate Cancer

Michael T, Strongly rec: 2nd opinion and evaluation radiation and surgery. Our med backgrounds very similar,except I am 77 and that may be tie-brkr. Mayo's radiation was 20 sessions + hormone for Gleason of 8/cancer all in prostate. Terrific program, manageable side effects; rad. 4/19; wonderful staff/support. Rec/Dr. Pisansky and staff!
All the best,
Mike C.

Mon, Feb 17 3:59pm · Stage 4 prostate cancer treatment options in Prostate Cancer

Yes, 2-months ago quickly gained 11 pounds in one month and not just from holidays! Trying to shed them and work out 30 minutes each day. Was told to expect gaining around the gut. Watch my food, but need new approach. All the best…OUMike

Sep 6, 2019 · Had a biopsy done recently - they want to do another one! in Prostate Cancer

Wizard59: Hello. I completed 20 radiation treatments 5/2019 at Mayo Clinic and now on 18-months of Lupron. Had the biopsy elsewhere while sedated with no difficulties. The biopsy told the story of a definite need for treatment. Recommend considering getting a second opinion how all of your treatment and care is going with a focus on the need for a second biopsy. All the best to you in your search for the right path for care.

Jul 31, 2019 · Excercise After Prostatectomy in Prostate Cancer

Thanks for sharing. I am now waiting for my first 6-month PSA.
Hope you are comfortable telling this group what your plan might be at this point.
All the best to you and all…


Jul 8, 2019 · Living with Prostate Cancer: Meet others & introduce yourself in Prostate Cancer

Kevin -Thanks for the helpful information. All the best to you.


Jul 8, 2019 · Living with Prostate Cancer: Meet others & introduce yourself in Prostate Cancer

maryv449: Hello. I have recently completed 20 treatments for prostate cancer st CLC and am taking hormone shots. I have started the "watch and wait" time period. Have not heard of the c-11 chloline test or of Axumin, but do appreciate raising your questions to this group about those topics and hope to be learning about them if needed. Thank you.


May 20, 2019 · Living with Prostate Cancer: Meet others & introduce yourself in Prostate Cancer

Hello. I am new to this group as of 5/2019. I have been tracking PSA since age 40 and am now 75. Over the years had growing concern and fear as score went slowly, but steadily up. Last summer, the PSA began a sudden upward climb from low 3 to over 5 in one month. This led to an MRI, a biopsy (Gleason of 8), a diagnosis and then a CT, bone scan and other tests.
I did a lot of research and three consults and concluded traditional radiation would be best. I wanted proton radiation at Mayo Clinic, but was told too much risk since I have a pacemaker and traditional beam radiation would be better. I completed the prescribed 20 treatments (one-month) about two weeks ago. I gladly rang the traditional treatment-is-over-bell at the Rad Center and now waiting to see how the PSA score will do in six months. Not sure how other readers can contact me, but more-than-happy to visit about this. By-the-way, Mayo Clinic exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Please consider it for you or your family or other loved ones if appropriate. Truly, it has been a "medical mecca" for me.


May 4, 2019 · Pros and Cons of Green Tea for Patients with prostate cancer in Prostate Cancer

Hello. I am new to Connect. I have prostate cancer (aggressive) and just completed radiation at Mayo Clinic-Rochester. I hear some vague positive comments that green tea can have for those with prostate cancer and very positive comments for those not yet diagnosed with prostate cancer. Anyone with prostate cancer and have experience with green tea care to make comments or aware of studies done or in process? Thanks.